Dutch Passion's Think Different auto

Dutch Passion Think Different auto grow review

Dutch Passion have seen their automatic ‘Think Different’ variety become one of their best sellers, more popular even than some of their established photoperiod varieties which have been on sale for years.  It has been surprising to see how quickly the best automatics have become so popular so we followed a Think Different grow review by European grower ‘Tang’ to find out more.

Think Different from Dutch Passion
Think Different from Dutch Passion

Think Different is a sativa variety based on genetics from an exceptional phenotype of AK47.

“This Think Different is the second biggest auto I've grown.  The biggest was Dutch Passion’s AutoXtreme but that had more than twice the light above her.  The Think Different was very low odour until the last few weeks when she smelt of citrus and fresh grass....lovely.  The next time I grow this strain I will make sure I have more light available. The dry yield on this Think Different was bang on 6oz at 168 grams. She was grown under 200W of LED, LED is the only indoor grow technology which allows me to maintain cool grow room temperatures in the hot summer months.  Its also less expensive to run than an HPS, which makes it worth the extra purchase cost”.

“Think Different germinated and was grown in a 15 litre soil container containing Plagron Light soil. The nutrients were Sensi Grow and Sensi Bloom from Advanced Nutrients. Every day I gave her 20 hours of light and 4 hours of darkness, this was the same for 75 days from start to finish.   Autofem genetics can flower under 20 hours of daylight, this gives them bigger colas than a photoperiod variety can achieve in the same time.  My Think Different grew like a normal cannabis seedling, automatics look and seem like traditional cannabis at first.  I saw the first female flowers after 25 days.  It is strange to see cannabis blooming under 20 hours of daily light, but somehow automatics manage it.  Think Different grew one dominant bloom and was surrounded by slightly smaller blooms.  Under 20 hours of light it takes about another 40-50 days to finish, so in total from seed to harvest is about 70-75 days, 10-11weeks”.

Main bud detail
Main bud detail

“Automatics use the 20 hours of daily light to grow faster than they could under 12 hours of daily light.  Week by week you can see the difference, the roots grow quickly and the plant development is surprisingly fast.  Growth of the side branches is rapid, they search out the light and you can see the plant expand with vigour.  The resin production starts to gradually increase from day 40-50.  On Think Different the smell odour and aroma were not too intense, I would say for the last 2 weeks you need to pay attention to the carbon filter.  By the end the hairs were starting to turn orange and the blooms had finished growing.  Feeding is easy, just understand when your plant is ready for stronger feed and slowly increase the nutrient concentration.  Its just like feeding a photoperiod variety, follow the same rules”.

“I can see why this strain has become one of their (Dutch Passions) customer favourites.  The yields are well above average, it’s a killer smoke and it’s easy-to-grow. Its easy enough for a new starter wanting a tough plant or an experienced grower wanting to push a strain to the limit. This is the second time I've grown Think Different so I know a spicy taste will evolve in my curing jars over the next few months, she packs a punch and tastes good now but I know it will get even better.  If you are going to give this strain a run be careful - she will get large in bigger pots, this one was grown in a 15L Airpot in soil.

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Jay 2018-03-16
Hi, I've planted Think Different and am going to enter the 10th week but my buds don't seem to be as big. Do they still fatten up significantly in the last two weeks? I am a beginner grower so am not expecting crazy stuff right now, I was just wondering if in the last 2 weeks they still fatten up. Thanks!


Bob 2016-12-19
Hi I've just started growing the think different Dutch passion am using coco a and b , also I'll be using canna boost am us ring a 20 litter pot light mix soil. I need some advice on the lighting and how to get the biggest and best yeilds also am using a 600 watt light please help and is like to no how's the end product smell taste how sticky dose the bus get?

Alchimia Staff

Dani Alchimia 2016-12-20
Hi Bob, Basically, you need to keep your lighting system at about 50cm of the tops of the plants. Check the temperature in that area and if it raises above 28-30ºC then raise a little bit your lamp. You can start with a 20/4 photoperiod and then switch it to 12/12 for the last 2-3 weeks, or just keep it until harvest. Normally, the more light available for the plants, the more buds it'll produce. Here you have some tips on how to grow autoflowering cannabis plants. I still haven't tried the Think Different Auto, so I'm affraid you'll have to wait and check results for yourself! ;) All the best!

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