CultiMate® Aero (formerly GHE AeroFarm)

CultiMate® Aero (formerly GHE AeroFarm)
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Alchimia presents Cultimate® Aero by Terra Aquatica (formerly GHE AeroFarm), a very easy to use aeroponic system that offers amazing results. Forget about watering!

CultiMate Aero, easy to use aeroponic system

CultiMate Aero is a very easy to use hydroponics growing system designed for use in small and medium sized cultivations. This French-made system is manufactured with very durable and resistant recycled plastic. It prevents the passage of light by 100%, thus keeping the roots in optimal conditions.

CultiMate Aero, spectacular results in a short time

The CultiMate Aero tank measures 46cm x 46cm x 38.5cm, with a capacity of 45L. A water level allows you to control the amount of water available at any time. The sprinklers and the pump included in this system, must remain in permanent operation for a total oxygenation of the nutrient solution, thus obtaining spectacular results in a very short time. With this type of aeroponic system, the plants develop much faster, even advancing the harvest by more than a week.

CultiMate Aero is designed for a maximum of 5 plants, using grid pots with a more than sufficient capacity for this type of aeroponic system. The ideal substrate is clay pellets. It is important to make sure that there is never a shortage of nutrient solution in the tank, by checking the water level controller. The water should be changed every 7-10 days and the EC and pH checked to ensure that values are appropriate for the plant's development stage.

CultiMate Aero, forget about watering your plants!

This system always controls the nutrient supply to the plants, and the state of the roots can be checked by simply lifting the lid. This system keeps the growing area completely clean as it only requires water with fertiliser and a small amount of clay to hold the plants, so you can forget about watering!

Hydroponics provides full control over the plants' feeding on a continuous basis. All you need to do with CultiMate® Aero is check the tank level and change the nutrient solution once a week.

Terra Aquatica Cultimate® Aero info:

  • Dimensions: 46cm x 46cm x 38.5cm
  • Tank: 45L
  • 5 grid pots to choose from 2" or 3" in diameter
  • Air pump
  • Sprinklers

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