Delta 10 by Cannabiogen
Delta 10 by Cannabiogen
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Delta 10 by Cannabiogen

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Delta 10 is a new product formulated by Cannabiogen to promote spectacular development of flowers in our cannabis plants. Formulated to be a natural metabolic activator, it stimulates the production of proteins and enzymes, essential for abundant harvests.

Created to supplement Cannabiogen's famous Delta 9 with its high content of phosphorus and potassium, essential for the production of fat and dense buds, Delta 10 also contains a large proportion of macro and micro nutrients, vitamins, amino acids, carbohydrates and other compounds favouring the development of flowers.

As well as forming the ideal complement to Delta 9, helping to produce larger and heavier heads, Delta 10 also promotes the internal metabolic activity of the plant to give it more strength and resistance to stress, pests and diseases.

Cannabiogen Delta 10 composition:

  • 25% M.O.T.
  • 2% Nitrogen (total)
  • 1.1% Organic nitrogen
  • 0.21% Nitric nitrogen
  • 0.69% Ammoniacal nitrogen
  • 12% Phosphorus
  • 13.2% Potassium
  • 3% Amino Acids

Micro elements:

  • Boron 273.2 ppm
  • Cobalt 351.9 ppm
  • Copper 351.2 ppm
  • Manganese 321.7 ppm
  • Molybdenum 293.5 ppm
  • Zinc 342.6 ppm
  • Iron 244.8 ppm

Amino Acids:

Aspartic Acid 0.18% w/w; Serine 0.31% w/w; Glycine 0.21% w/w; Arginine 0.23% w/w; Tirosine 0.04% w/w; Metionin <0.09% w/w ; Isoleucine 0.11% w/w; Lisine 0.12% w/w; Proline 0.24% w/w; Glutamic acid 0.60% w/w; Histidine <0.10% w/w; Treonine 0.28% w/w; Alanine 0.17% w/w; Valine 0.29% w/w; Fenilalanine 0.07% w/w; Leucine 0.13% w/w; Hydroxiproline <0.05% w/w; Aminobutric acid <0.02% w/w

Cannabiogen Delta 10 dosing instructions:

  • From 4 to 6 ml of product per litre of water (4ml in soil with alternating watering, 6ml in hydroponics in all watering)
  • Can be sprayed (2ml per litre) no more than twice a week
  • Use preferably osmosis water (not hard water)

Cannabiogen Delta 10 info:

  • 500ml bottle
  • Weight: 0.62Kg
  • pH: 3.2
  • Contains aminopurines, low molecular weight polymeric complexes, translocation bioactivators, catalyst enzymes, carboxyl acids, humic and fulvic acids.
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