Dutch Lighting Innovations HPS 1000W Double-Ended Kit

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1000w DE 120 - 240v Dutch Lighting Innovations is a quality lighting system designed for cultivators who require power greater than 600w HPS in a single light point, thus avoiding having to buy two lighting units.

It is designed to occupy the minimum space, particularly for those growers using indoor grow tents. It has dimension of 57.1 x 28.4 x 17.8cm so there are very few height loss in the grow tent.

It is an advanced double-ended system which provides better light intensity. The reflector is made of different quality materials layers and professional assembly procedures in order to produce a 95% reflection without the presence of iridescent colours, and reflecting all wavelengths from 400 to 700mn.

It is designed to dissipate well the heat generated by the lamp to ensure a long service operating life of the power unit. It has an LED indicator displaying the important information as if there are diagnostic errors or the ballast set mode.

This electronic ballast can be regulated to 600w, 750w, 825w, 1000w and 1150w. It has an IP65 protection level with plug and play secure connection cables. It weighs 5.4kg and can be used in grow tents higher than 2m.

1000w DE 120 - 240V Dutch Lighting Innovations info: 

  • 1000w HPS ballast
  • Double ending
  • Operating frequency: 50/60Hz at 240V and 9.5Am
  • Adjustable power: 600w, 750w, 825w, 1000w and 1150w
  • Weight: 5.4kg
  • Plug and play connection
  • Reflection: 95%.
  • No iridescent colours
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