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Floraflex Round FloraCap

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Floraflex Round FloraCap is the FloraCap model adaptation for use in round pots. It has a hexagonal structure offering a water even distribution in cannabis cultivation substrates, improving irrigation and nutrition plant control.

The system is as simple as it is effective. The plate-shaped accessory is placed on top of the pot, being adaptable to sizes between 7.5'' to 12'' (19cm-30cm) of diameter. In the Roundcap centre is placed the plant stem, with the irrigation holes around it but at a sufficient distance to prevent water from coming into direct contact with the stem.

This irrigation system can be used manually with a watering can or be automated, in which case the Floraclips are needed to hold the irrigation tubes. With the automated system we obtain a better control of the plants irrigation and nutrition.

One of the great advantages of using a Round FloraCap is the water distribution throughout the pot while respecting the roots oxygenation.

It should be noted that this system prevents algae appearance as it avoids the direct light contact with the substrate.

The plant root system benefits greatly from this automatic irrigation system, offering the best conditions to provide the necessary nutrients that results in an abundant and quality harvest.

Floraflex Round FloraCap info:

  • 6 units pack
  • Compatible with pots from 19 to 30cm
  • Manual or automatic irrigation
  • Prevents algae blooms
  • Made of quality malleable plastic
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