Gavita Pro 1000w DE

Gavita Pro 1000w DE
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Gavita Pro 1000w DE is a HPS lighting system with a double-ended bulb that operates with a 400v ballast with more PAR. It makes the best use of the bulb light emission, producing the same energy consumption as a common 240v ballast.

Gavita, professional lighting equipment

Gavita ballasts are professional systems. Originally used in horticultural crops, this brand has accumulated great experience in the field of artificial lighting, especially in greenhouse cultivation where they are great specialists.

They are highly professional products. The ballast and reflector have a wireless connection for a better operation, reducing the electrical interferences to the maximum.

The equipment is protected by UV-resistant white paint, preventing the kit components from degrading over time. The ballast has a gore-tex protection so that it can aerate but avoiding humidity and dust into the equipment.

The HR96 reflector has a light reflection of 96%, with an operating life of approximately 2 years. Gavita recommends replacing the reflector after this period to maintain the high reflection index and light distribution emitted by the 1000w double-ended Gavita Pro Plus 1000W K12x30s.

Gavita Pro 1000w DE, ideal for open room cultivation

The 1000w 400v double-ended bulb efficiently emits HPS light onto the plants. The light power produced by the spotlight allows the lighting equipment to be placed at a height of even more than 2m, covering a large cultivation area of more than 1.5m2. Offering more light power we obtain a greater production, with bigger and heavier buds. Using a 1000w light equipment and optimising the cultivation space we can obtain yields surpassing the gram watt.

400v DE bulbs offer a higher power efficiency, between 10 and 25%, compared to traditional bulbs. These lights have a high performance and only have to be replaced once a year.

This ballast is adjustable in power; 600, 660, 750, 1000, and 1150w. It is equipped with a soft dim that regulates a slow power increase or reduction so as not to stress the ballast when making power changes.

Gavita Pro 1000w DE HPS info:

  • Power: 1000w
  • Adjustable ballast: 600, 660, 750, 1000, and 1150w
  • DE Bulb Gavita Pro Plus 1000W K12x30s
  • Integrated Design and Low Magnetic Interference
  • Soft Dim
  • No acoustic resonance
  • Replaceable reflector

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