Grandpa's Stash Multipack

Grandpa's Stash Multipack
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Alchimia is pleased to present Grandpa's Stash Multipack by Ethos Genetics, a collection of 6 different cannabis strains pollinated using Grandpa's Stash #12. The selected females produce a relaxing hybrid effect, with the exception of Crescendo original which delivers an extremely strong effect.

Grandpa's Stash Multipack, pollination with Grandpa's Stash #12

Grandpa's Stash #12 is the male used in this Multipack. I is an Old School genetics (Super Skunk 1994 x Og Kush 1992 x Afghan Kush 1970s) that presents a great growth vigour and a fast flowering period. It is a great variety for outdoor and greenhouse cultivation, thanks to its resistance to botrytis (mould). It also offers excellent results indoors.

Grandpa's Stash #12 produces a mild effect, it does not cause a heavy buzz that can make it impossible to perform tasks or give up plans for later. It offers remarkable organoleptic properties, with earthy, pine and petrol flavours. It is a variety with an enjoyable smoke both in flower and in extractions.

Grandpa's Stash Multipack cannabis seeds

  • Peach CrescendO F1 x Grandpa's Stash #12

Peach CrescendO F1 is a cross between (Chem D x i95) x Mandarin Cookies x Peach Ring. Powerful Kush terpenes with a chemical and petrol touch. Some individuals show a tropical and ripe peach flavour. It shows a vigorous growth and high resin production. It has a THC level of over 25%, and a flowering period of about 8-9 weeks.

  • End Game R2 x Grandpa's Stash #12

End Game R2 is a cross (Cherry Punch x Ethos Cookies #16) x (Ethos Cookies #4 x Mandarin Sunset), an easy to cultivate plant with good production, where incensed aromas with petrol, cherry, grape and orange terpenes dominate. It has a THC level of over 25%, with a flowering period of about 8-9 weeks.

  • The Punch Line Rbx x Grandpa's Stash #12

The Punch Line is a cross between Cherry Punch x (Cherry Punch x Ethos Cookies #16) x Ethos Cookies #4, an easy to cultivate, fast manicuring and high yielding strain. It has pungent terpenes with strong berry and cherry flavours. It contains a THC level of 25%, with a flowering period of about 8-9 weeks.

  • Spanish Moon x Grandpa's Stash #12

Spanish Moon is a cross between (Peach Crescendo x Indigo) x Pirate Cake, with a THC level of 25% and a flowering period of about 8-9 weeks.

  • Original CrescendO x Grandpa's Stash #12

Original CrescendO, a cross between (ChemD x i95) x Mandarin Cookies #17 RBXV2, with a very powerful effect accompanied by earthy and sour aromas and petrol undertones. Orange and tangerine syrup are perceived in the smoke. It has a THC level of 30%, with a flowering period of about 9-10 weeks.

  • Surprise variety bonus

Ethos Genetics Grandpa's Stash Multipack info:

  • Type: Feminised cannabis seeds
  • Genetics: x Grandpa's Stash #12
  • Genotype: Indica Sativa hybrid
  • Indoor flowering: 8-10 weeks
  • Outdoor harvest: October
  • Indoor yield: High
  • Outdoor yield: High
  • THC: High

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