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Haze Automatic
Haze Automatic
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Haze Automatic

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Haze Automatic , the new auto-flowering marijuana strain from Dinafem, is now available!

It is an auto-flowering with Haze Sativa genetics and a composition between a Sativa, an Indica and a Ruderalis result of the mixture for several generations of Roadrunner with Haze genetics selected exclusively for Dinafem by breeders of JYD Genetics,

Haze Automatic offers great aromatic (lemon aroma, slightly spicy and hot) and psychoactive qualities. Automatic Haze is a stable and uniform strain with more resin and more yield than Roadrunner
Given that we treat with a Haze we must have in mind that the flowering period can be extended between 75 and 80 days (a week longer than other auto-flowering strains of our catalog).

Automatic Haze comes from a crossing of Roadrunner and JYD Haze, which in turn comes from a very special selection of an old school Super Silver Haze, a strain that has won many awards in competitions and national cups. The JYD Haze stands above all for its great psychoactive power, a very potent and long-lasting effect and as well as its pleasant taste of Haze, citrus, spicy and hot.

Haze Automatic is an auto-flowering marijuana strain with a great aroma, and a strong and persistent effect, producing great buds and very special aromas and flavours.

Features of Haze Automatic from Dinafem Seeds:

  • Days of flowering to 20 hours: 70-80
  • Harvest time on outdoors: April to October
  • THC level: Medium. (6% - 12%)
  • CBD level: High
  • Yield: From 20 to 50 gr
  • Height: On soil from 30 to 85 cm. On hydro up to 100 cm
  • Composition: Ruderalis 25% Indica 55% Sativa 20%
  • Genotype: JYD Haze X Roadrunner
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