Cat Grass - Batlle

Cat Grass - Batlle
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Batlle's Cat Grass seeds are now available at Alchimia grow Shop, ideal for your pet to better digest food and eliminate hairballs.

Cat Grass from Batlle, a help for your pet

Cat grass contains a series of minerals that facilitate the digestion of cats, which helps in their diet and general well-being. In addition, these minerals also help eliminate hairballs that accumulate in the stomach after long cleaning sessions.

The seeds come in a sealed bag that contains 1.5 grams of seeds, being a plant that can germinate throughout the year without a problem. Normally, it is usually harvested after 30 days from the appearance of the small seedlings.

Cultivation of Batlle's cat grass

Growing this type of weed couldn't be easier. We simply have to fill a shallow tray or pot (10cm is enough) with some spongy substrate, sprinkle the seeds on top and cover them with 1cm more of substrate. In a few days we will see the first plants appear.

It is recommended to wait until the plants are about 10cm tall so that the animal can start eating them.

Characteristics of Cat Grass from Batlle

  • 1.5 grams of seeds
  • Ideal for improving the digestion of cats
  • Sowing throughout the year
  • Harvest: 30 days
  • Sow in 10cm deep pots or trays

Eigenschaften von Cat Grass - Batlle

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