Activated Areated Compost Tea (AACT) Kit 11L by Terralba

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Alchimia and Terralba invite you to discover compost tea. Produce your own organic fertilisers and activate your cultivation soil so you can perfectly control your plants nutrition, both outdoors and indoors. Discover this kit, ready to use in just 5 minutes, in our organic gardening material catalogue.

Activated Areated Compost Tea by Terralba: Design your own organic fertilisers range

With this kit you can easily make your own compost tea at home. The Activated Areated Compost Tea (AACT) refers to the fermented liquid extracted from the compost with oxygen.

Compost tea is a great ally for your organic gardening as it contains soluble nutritive ingredients and live micro-organisms (bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes). It is really useful both for plant nutrition and for plant protection by revitalising the soil. The high microbial diversity in the soil helps to better control pathogens and to retain the nutrients.

AACT Terralba: simplicity and efficiency

Nutrients extraction and assimilation is also much faster. Although it is organic nutrition, absorption is similar to that produced with mineral nutrition.

Unlike manure, AACT does not produce unpleasant odours and is not pathogenic, so you can use this kit indoors next to your indoor grow tent without any odour nuisance.

Why you have to use AACT in your next culture?

Compost tea nutrition improves plant growth, diminishes risk of diseases, improves nutrient uptake and retention, reduces economic costs and pesticide use is no longer needed.

In addition, you can adapt the activated areated compost tea according to your plants needs and their development stages. With this kit you can start your compost tea using vermicompost and blackstrap molasses as base, adding also alfalfa, nettle, comfrey, barley seeds, hemp seeds, spirulina, hydrolyzates or green clay for example.

Oxygenated Compost Tea (AACT) info:

  • Dosage: for 10L of solution: 239g of compost, 25g of each medicinal plant, 1 to 2 tsp. of complements (preferably marine)
  • Preparation time: 24 hours for a bacterial tea, 24-36h for a fungal tea, 48 hours for a protozoa stabilizer tea
  • Application frequency: Soil preparation and just compost (without plants) 2x per month. Culture with plants and fertilisers up to 3x per week.
  • Water temperature: 18-22 ° C

Terralba compost tea kit includes:

  • 1 container 11L
  • 1 filter 400 μ
  • 1 Hailea air pump
  • 1 Hailea diffuser
  • 1 threaded drain valve with nut
  • 1 kit 1 output: 1.2m of tube 4mm or 8mm
  • 1 measuring cup 60ml
  • vermicompost
  • Organic black molasses
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