Mystical Punch Auto

Mystical Punch Auto
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Alchimia is glad to present Mystical Punch auto-flowering version by Nemeseeds, a strain that combines Old Shool genetics with one of the most popular strains of the moment, resulting in a very successful hybrid.

Mystical Punch Auto is an auto-flowering plant with a fast life cycle, delivering an incredible resin production accompanied by intense flavours that leave no one indifferent.

Mystical Punch Auto, ready in just about 75 days

Following the excellent success obtained with Old School Skunk Hellriser'97 and Purple Punch cross, Nemeseeds decided to develop a Mystical Punch automatic version.

By making a second backcross with non-auto-flowering genetics, Mystical Punch Auto delivers all the characteristics of the photosensitive variety, but with a complete cycle of just 75 days. It flowers very fast, even for an auto-flowering variety.

Thanks to its vigour, Mystical Punch Auto offers an abundant harvest composed of compact and particularly resinous buds. By the end of flowering, Mystical Punch Auto can develop purple colours on the leaves as well as on the buds. Depending on the growing conditions and environment where the plants develop, it can take more or less large sizes of between 60-150cm.

Mystical Punch Auto, perfect for relaxing and recovering from an intense day

Mystical Punch Auto offers a very intense flavour, a penetrating aroma that lingers in the mouth for a long while and in the room where the weed is consumed. Fruity and earthy flavours can be enjoyed over a strong Diesel and Cookies base.

The effects are balanced, with a very marked body and cerebral relaxation ideal for resting. Unwinding and recovering after a hard day or after a sporting activity. Purple Punch's influence helps to bring a touch of craziness to the cerebral side, bringing a certain euphoria. It is perfect for enjoying a good time with friends.

Nemeseeds Mystical Punch Auto info:

  • Type: Auto-flowering cannabis seed
  • Genetics: Mystical Punch (Old Skunk Hellriser'97 x Purple Punch) x Ruderalis
  • Indica / Sativa hybrid
  • Size: 60-150 cm
  • Complete cycle: 75 days
  • Yield: High

Wir erinnern unsere Kunden daran, dass die Cannabissamen nicht im Katalog der Europäischen Gemeinschaft aufgeführt sind. Es handelt sich um Produkte, die zur genetischen Erhaltung und Sammlung bestimmt sind, auf keinen Fall zur Kultivierung. In einigen Ländern ist es strengstens verboten, sie keimen zu lassen, mit Ausnahme der von der Europäischen Union zugelassenen. Wir raten unseren Kunden, in keiner Weise gegen das Gesetz zu verstoßen, und wir sind nicht für deren Verwendung verantwortlich.

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