In organischen Anbauflächen sind auch organische Phytosanitären unentbehrlich; diese Produktpalette ist total bio und hinterlässt keine Spuren auf den Blumen.

Auf dieser Weise wird das Endprodukt immer die beste Qualität haben mit Marihuana-Pflanzen frei von unerwünschten Insekten und Pilzen.

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Es gibt 8 Produkte als Prot-Eco gekennzeichnet


Oidioprot -

enOidioprot (EM) is a preparation of soluble powder. Oidium Prot includes in its composition extracts of selected microorganisms, protein and marine extract. Oidioprot acts by contact on all kinds of powdery mildews:Erysphe, Sphareroteca, Podosphaera, [...]

  • 100gr 17.00€
  • 50g 9.00€ Ausverkauftes Produkt

Botryprot -

enBotryprot (EM) Biological Inductor , mixture of nutrients and elements for the microflora development made from extracts of selected microorganisms to fight biologically against Botrytis and Sclerotinia rot on crops of marijuana and other plants (on [...]

  • 100ml 19.00€
  • 30ml 8.00€ Ausverkauftes Produkt
MildiuProt (EM)

MildiuProt (EM) -

enProt-Eco MildiuProt(EM) biological inductor of micronutrients mixture (PK) and extract of selected microorganisms that starts the defense mechanisms of the plant thanks to the effect of Potassium Phosphite, and affects directly the development of va [...]

  • 100ml 17.00€ Ausverkauftes Produkt
  • 30ml 7.50€
Bio Trifag 16 (before Trichoprot)

Bio Trifag 16 (before Trichoprot) -

enBio Trifag 16  High stimulant and prophylactic effect of the root system. Trichoprot is a preparation based on T.harcianum presented in wettable powder (PM) which incorporates plant extracts with microorganisms. It acts as an antagonist of patho [...]

  • 100ml 25.00€
Alliumprot - Prot-Eco

Alliumprot - Prot-Eco -

enAlliumprot from Prot-Eco is a 100% organic natural insecticide & pest-repellent, and is environmentally friendly and completely biodegradable. Based on a garlic extract and cotaining a sulfated compound which transforms into Alio Disulfide, Alli [...]

  • 100 ml 21.00€
Sabonprot - Prot-Eco

Sabonprot - Prot-Eco -

enMobet from Prot-Eco is a safe, natural, organic and completely biodegradable insecticide based on Potassium soap derived from saponified fatty acids. It is totally non-toxic and leaves no harmful residue. Primarily used for the control of insect pes [...]

  • 100 ml 13.50€

Cinnaprot -

enCinnaprot is a cinnamon extract (Cinnamomum zeylanicum). It contains a high percentage of organic matter and has a strong regenerative effect on the plant it is applied. Cinnaprot is a product right for the control of mites in various crops, also hav [...]

  • 30ml 7.00€
  • 100ml 17.00€
Kenpyr de Prot-Eco

Kenpyr de Prot-Eco -

enProt-Eco Kenpyr is a set of plant extracts of cinerariaefolium Chrisantenum plant extracts (Pyrethrins) against pests such as thrips, caterpillars, aphids, mealybug, whitefly... It acts by contact on adults and larvae, it is not selective. The produc [...]

  • 100ml 28.00€ Ausverkauftes Produkt
  • 30ml 13.00€ Ausverkauftes Produkt