Replacement Pod Bunch Vapers (3 ud)

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These replacement parts for the Pod Bunch Vapers are now available at Alchimia Grow Shop, so you can replace them with the original if you lose it or it stops working.

Pod Bunch Vapers spare parts, with 1.4 Ohm ceramic resistance

These refills combine both the tank and the pod atomiser, and are responsible for holding the e-liquid as well as transforming it into vapour with each toke.

They are made of transparent plastic to allow you to easily see the level of the liquid they contain, and have an inlet hole to fill with e-liquid with terpenes (or without them), sealed with a silicon stopper that prevents leakage from the 1ml tank.

The connection head is magnetic, which ensures it fixes to the body of the pod in a simple and effective way, leaving it ready for use just by inserting it into it.

Pod Bunch Vapers spare parts, with a capacity of 1ml

The resistance is ceramic, 1.4 Ohm, designed to be efficient and to vaporise all kinds of e-liquids, with or without cannabis concentrates, as well as to balance a good vapour production with optimal battery autonomy.

In addition, being made of ceramic, it lasts better than traditional atomisers, getting a little less dirty and offering a longer service life.

Even so, these refills are disposable, and we will need to change them when vapour production decreases or when the flavour obtained when vaping becomes unpleasant.

Pod Bunch Vapers Spares (3 units) info:

  • Replacement atomiser + pod tank
  • Includes 3 units
  • With ceramic resistance of 1.4 Ohm
  • 1ml capacity
  • Magnetic base to anchor to the Pod and facilitate conductivity
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