Secret Jardin Dark Street IV 120W

Secret Jardin Dark Street IV 120W
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Secret Jardin Dark Street Wide R4 indoor grow tent has dimensions of 120x60x178cm, and it is now available in our catalogue at

It is designed to cultivate in reduced spaces or for cannabis cuttings rooting. Its dimensions 120cm wide x 60cm deep and 178cm high make it ideal to fit in any house corner and make good use of the space.

Secret Jardin Dark Street 120x60x178cm, with the highly reflecting Mylar 210D

It is made of a Q195 stainless steel bar structure with diameter of 16mm, assembled together by elbows and plastic gaskets, including horizontal bars at medium height to prevent the canvas from bending inwards.

This structure is coated with a cover made of resistant and impermeable plastic lined with a high-quality Mylar M210D with stucco finish. It reflects 95% of the light produced by the HPS 400W illumination system, assuring a vigorous plant development.

This canvas is opened at the front thanks to a resistant zipper designed to prevent the light passage.

Secret Jardin DS120w, with a Q195 steel bar structure

For the air extraction ducts installation it is necessary to make the holes previously using a cutter, scissors or a circular cutter. Then the subjection rings are placed where needed, anchoring them to the bars structure and to the canvas screwing the plastic frame.

In the lower hole we place the air filter included, and in the upper hole the connector for the air extraction fans.

It also includes a hose with cord that serves to fix the lighting system or the fans cables, keeping them tidy. It can be installed in the same way as the air extraction ducts.

It also includes cable clips and hooks that stick to the bars, an interior pocket for storing small objects, a lower tray to reinforce the floor and an elastic mesh for SCROG cultivation.

Secret Jardin DS120w info:

  • Indoor grow tent
  • Dimensions: 120x60x178cm
  • Q195 steel structure
  • Mylar 210D reflective interior
  • 95% light reflection
  • Zippers to prevent the light passage
  • Large front door
  • 2x Air duct connection
  • 1x Cable holder hose
  • 2x Hooks to support the lighting system
  • 15x Clips for attaching the cables to the tent structure
  • 1x Inner pocket
  • 1x Floor reinforcement tray
  • 1x Elastic mesh for SCROG cultivation
  • 1x air filter

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