Smono 3 vaporiser

Smono 3 vaporiser
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The Smono 3 portable vaporiser is now available at Alchimia Grow Shop. It is an ideal device for an entry level user to enjoy your cannabis bud harvest in a healthy way.

Smono 3 Vaporiser, vaporises your herb by convection

This device is very compact, with dimensions of 8.1 x 5 x 2.7cm, and a weight of 137g, it is comfortable to carry around in a pocket, bag or backpack with total discretion.

The bowl is made of stainless steel with about 0.2g capacity provided that we fill it with lightly compacted dry grass well chopped using a grinder.

It operates by convection heating the air that goes through the grass without heating the bowl directly. We obtain a more intense and subtle flavour respecting to the maximum our flowers aromatic profile.

Smono 3 Vaporiser, temperature degree selection between 160ºC and 221ºC, 1ºC intervals

The cooling and condensation chamber above the bowl and the glass mouthpiece assures in each session inhalations with aromatic and quality vapour.

The internal 1600mAh battery provides an autonomy of about 5 or 6 bowls. In addition, it has a 4 minutes auto power off to lengthen its duration.

It takes about two hours to fully recharge the vaporiser and we can use it even when plugged.

It has a temperature range between 160ºC and 221ºC, with a 1ºC intervals selection, and in requires only 35 seconds to warm up before being ready for the cannabis vaporisation.

Smono 3 Vaporiser, ready to vaporise in 35 seconds

To turn it on, press the power button 5 times, then select the temperature with the + and - buttons, and then wait for the display to show that the temperature has been reached and for the LED to change from Red to Green.

The OLED screen is designed for a clear display even in bright light, saving also battery power. It displays the selected temperature, the vaporiser temperature and the battery level charge.

In order to maintain the vaporiser in the best conditions, it is recommended to remove the vegetable remains with a brush after each use and when it is still a little warm. From time to time, use also a wipe with isopropyl alcohol.

Similar to this unit, Reinhart also launched a vaporiser with more loading space in the bowl and that also heats up by conduction. Its twin brother is the Vaporizer Smono 4

Smono 3 Vaporiser info:

  • Portable Herbal Vaporiser
  • Convection sysem
  • Stainless steel 0.2g bowl
  • Glass mouthpiece and vapour cooling chamber
  • OLED display - temperature and charge level
  • 1600mAh internal battery – autonomy, 5-6 bowls (up to the temperature)
  • Temperature selection, between 160ºC and 221ºC, 1ºC interval
  • Warm up in 35 seconds
  • 4 minutes Auto power off
  • 1x Smono 3 Vaporiser
  • 1x Quartz resin bowl
  • 1x User manual
  • 1x Tweezers
  • 1x Spare bowl grid
  • 1x Brush
  • 1x Dabber
  • 1x Glass inhalation tube
  • 1x Charger cable

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