Atami Wilma L 4 pots

Atami Wilma L 4 pots

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Atami presents here its hydroponic system Atami Wilma Large 4 pots of 11 litres or 18 litres, also know as Origin System, ideal for a 1m2 growth tent. Now available in our catalogue at Alchimia.

Atami Wilma Large (L) 4x hydroponic system

The Wilma is simple and effective, bringing hydroponics within the reach of all growers and making it easy to obtain remarkable results. The system consists of a 50L tank for the nutrient solution, a tray to place the 4 pots of 11L or 18L and a lid to prevent light from entering the tank.

The pots can be filled with the substrate of your preference (soil, clay balls or coconut fibre) and grow 4 large plants watered by a dripper system fed by a water pump. The nutrient solution returns to the reservoir until the next watering cycle.

The cultivator does not have to worry about watering, just make sure that the EC and pH of the nutrient solution are correct, the Wilma will do the rest.

Wilma, hydroponics within everyone's reach!

Atami Wilma Large 4 Pots Hydroponic System info:

  • Large 50L square tank
  • Tray for 4 pots
  • Lid to protect from light
  • 11L or 18L pots
  • Dimensions: 75x75x20cm
  • Pump and drip system

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