1000W Lumatek HPS electronic kit + Adjust Avenger

1000W Lumatek HPS electronic kit + Adjust Avenger


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Alchimia Grow Shop presents the 1000W Lumatek HPS electronic kit + Adjust Avenger, developed to be used along the entire plant cultivation cycle for your indoor marijuana plants in a room or tent up to 1.5x1.5m.

The kit core element is the Lumatek 1000W controllable electronic ballast, perfect for starting-up the 1000W HPS lamp (included). It also works with MH lamps.

The ballast operates at 240V, and it can be used at 600W, 750W, 1000W and 1000WSL (1100W). It can also be regulated with an external controller, offering a great versatility when using it in our cannabis cultivation.

1000W Lumatek HPS electronic kit + Adjust Avenger, with a broad spectrum light bulb

The manufacturer offers a 5 year guarantee, as well as ensuring maximum safety for your cultivation by incorporating a complete protection system preventing short-circuits, temperature increases and power surges.

It maintains your installation safe, while speeding up start-up, extends the lamp service life and provides up to 30% more performance compared to a traditional magnetic ballast.

The lamp included in the kit is a Lumatek HPS 1000W at 240V broad spectrum, it is specific for Flowering, but it can be used in the growth stage, offering great results.

The included reflector is a medium sized Adjust-a-Wings Avenger, manufactured using flexible non-deformable stucco finished aluminium. It maximises light reflection and can cover a cultivation area up to 125cm2 with 400W, and 175cm2 with 600W.

1000W Lumatek HPS electronic kit + Adjust Avenger, ideal for 1.5x1.5m cultivation rooms

The adjustable wings enable the lamp light to be directed, either focusing it more on the centre or covering more of the side areas, depending on the number of plants we have in our room.

The Adjust-a-Wings Avenger model includes the Super Spreader light diffuser which manages to reduce between 4-5ºC temperature under the lamp, enabling to bring it closer to the plant tips and providing up to 30% more bud production.

The Alchimia Light-hangers 5kg suspension pulleys are ideal for hanging the kit from the ceiling of our grow tent safely and comfortably.

1000W Lumatek Dual electronic kit + Adjust Avenger info:

  • 1x Lumatek 1000W controllable electronic ballast
  • 1x 100W Lumatek HPS Bulb
  • 1x Reflector Adjust Avenger + Super Spreader
  • 1x Alchimia Light Hangers 5kg

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