Bactobloom 1 x 10 gr
Bactobloom 1 x 10 gr
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Bactobloom 1 x 10 gr

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Bactobloom 1 x 10 g is a water-soluble powder, consisting of beneficial bacillus and bacteria that live in symbiosis with the root system of the plant, helping to create and enhance explosive flowering of cannabis plants, and moreover, it also helps to reduce plant stress caused by adverse weather conditions or pathogens.

It improves sodium and potassium absorption, and increases the sugar and resin production of the plant, constantly stimulating and boosting the proliferation of beneficial microorganisms. It is a 100% Ecological product and completely suitable for use in organic farming.

Composition of Bactobloom:

Paenibacillus azotoformans, Bacillus coagulans, Bacillus pumilus and Sacharomces cereviase. Amino acids of vegetable origin: 3%.

Dosage: Dilute the contents of the botlle in 10 L of water, or a half teaspoon in 1 litre of water and then water thoroughly plants.

Bactobloom is compatible with the majority of fertilisers on the market, however it is recommended to not irrigate the substrate with insecticides or with fungicides.

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