Bactomatik by Agrobacterias
Bactomatik by Agrobacterias
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Bactomatik by Agrobacterias

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Bactomatix from Agrobacterias is a mixture of bacteria specially designed for the cultivation of auto-flowering cannabis plants, now available online in the Alchimiaweb grow shop catalogue.

Boost your Autoflowers with Bactomatik:

This blend of bacteria has been specially developed for the growth and flowering of automatic cannabis, bringing many benefits to the plants, stimulating the development of roots, among other things.

Agrobacterias has used families of bacteria specially selected to benefit the growth of roots and the plants in general. Thanks to a better nutrient absorption, your automatic seeds will be able to give record harvests, with a more vigorous development and more resinous flowers.

With Bactomatik from Agrobacterias you will finally be able to get the most out of your automatic genetics and push them to the limit.

Using Bactomatik:

Applied via irrigation. Mix one small spoon (4g) of Bactomatik with each litre of water.

Composition of Bactomatik by Agrobacterias:

  • Paenibacillus azotoformans
  • Bacillus azotofixans
  • B. coagulans
  • B. megaterium
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus
  • B. pumilus
  • Sacharomyces cerevisiae.
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