Banana Purple Punch Auto

Banana Purple Punch Auto
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Alchimia is glad to present Banana Purple Punch Auto by Fast Buds Seed, one of the auto-flowering plants with the highest THC concentration up to 26%. This Indica dominant plant has a flowering period of about 56 days, and offers a rich and complete terpenes production. Now available in our automatic cannabis seeds catalogue.

Banana Purple Punch Auto, an easy to cultivate Indica plant

This Indica dominant plant is very easy to grow and is well suited to novice growers with little experience in cannabis cultivation. Banana Purple Punch Auto grows compact and robust, developing a main branch where the production is concentrated, and surrounded by numerous secondary branches that grow as vigorously as the main one. It has a short distance between nodes, with flowers that can acquire purple colours if the growing conditions allow it.

Banana Purple Punch Auto grows easily and produces particularly large buds. It is important to aerate the plants well to avoid problems with mould and pests. Strings can be used to widen the plant and allow the light to penetrate well. It does not require a significant nutrient supply for optimal growth.

Banana Purple Punch Auto has a complete cycle of about 8 weeks, from germination to harvest, with a yield of up to 450-550g per m2 indoors, and 60-200g per plant outdoors depending on the growing conditions. The harvest is composed of compact buds covered in resin, with orange hairs that stand out with beautiful, slightly veiled bright green colours.

Banana Purple Punch Auto, fruity flavours with high THC levels

Banana Purple Punch Auto is a genetic loaded with fruity flavours on a slightly earthy background accompanied by citric touches and intense flavours of fresh strawberries and ripe bananas. On the exhale one experiences sweet flavours with pineapple and a typical Purple Punch petrol touch.

This auto-flowering strain presents specimens with a THC level of up to 26% depending on the growing conditions. It produces a very pronounced effect, with a cheerful high that helps concentration and clears the mind. The effect is not immediate, it comes on gradually and after a few puffs we start to feel a powerful sedative effect that lasts for a long while, helping to relieve pain and stress.

Fast Buds Seeds Banana Purple Punch Auto info:

  • Type: Auto-flowering cannabis seed
  • Genetics: Banana Purple Punch Auto
  • Genetics: 75/25 Indica Sativa
  • Indoor flowering: 8 weeks
  • Outdoor harvest: 8 weeks
  • Indoor yield: 450-550g per m2
  • Outdoor yield: 60-200g per plant
  • THC: 26%
  • CBD: <1%

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