Fire Yields

Fire Yields
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Fire Yields by Terra Power is part of the Terra Protect product line, dedicated to the protection of plants by acting on the roots as a root enhancer that stimulates resistance to temperature peaks, increasing their tolerance to heat.

This cocktail of microbial life acts directly on the root system increasing root mass up to 800%, which means that the plant can absorb enormous amounts of food to create very large flowers. In addition, it increases its resistance to unfavorable environmental factors and provides food at all times.

Fire Yields contains 10 strains of bacteria and fungi that live in symbiosis and form an active system around the roots and in the substrate. Its special mixture between ecto and endomyrizae turns the plants into great predators of food.

Fire Yields can be used with any growing system, such as soil, coco, expanded clay, rock wool, etc.

Composition of Fire Yields from Terra Power

Pseudomonas chloraphis, Ps. putida, Azobacter vinelandii, Bacillus subtilis, B. amilolyquefaciens, B. megaterium, Trichoderma harzarinum, T. viride, T. koningii, Rhizophagus irregularis.
Terra Power Fire Yields Application

It can be applied in soil, hydro, aero, (2 ml/l) and can be used alone in fertile soils or as a supplement of nutrients or for applications to treat seeds, bulbs and seedlings. Apply in the 1st and 2nd week of growth and in the 3rd and 4th into flowering.

Terra Power Fire Yields Features

  • Increases root mass by up to 800%
  • Suitable for all growing systems and substrates
  • 10 strains of bacteria and fungi
  • For the growth and flowering stages

Eigenschaften von Fire Yields

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