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Mycotrex is a mixture of endo-mycorrhizal spores, rhizosphere bacillus, seaweed meal and humic acids, which improves absorption of nutrients and water, increasing the rooting capacity of marijuana plants up to 700%.

The growing media should not contain pathogens or weed seeds. For this reason, most soils are sterilized with steam, which also kills beneficial bacillus and mycorrhizae. Plants will be very vulnerable during their life due to the the loss of these bacteria.

Mycorrhizal symbiosis and cannabis plants

Mycorrhizae - Glomus type - are soil beneficial fungi which live in symbiosis with cannabis plants. They improve the effectiveness of the root system, acting as extensions of the roots and increasing up to 700% the uptake capacity of water and nutrients.

Mycotrex contains 9 different types of mycorrhizae, with a concentration of 88 spores per gram, which is very high - most products of this type on the market express their concentration in millions of fragments of mycorrhizal roots (propagules), some of which may be spores.

The combination of these 9 types of spores germinates on the root system. In this way, the so-called vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizae become established, which vastly increase the uptake capacity of the normal root system.

Numerous studies around the world have shown that plants with a good mycorrhiza system havee better growth and have a better chance of survival. Plants treated will improve their water uptake, will be healthier and will have better resistance against soil-borne diseases.

Beneficial rhizobacteria and natural humic acids have been added to Mycotrex to promote initial root development.

Mycotrex - Biotabs composition:

Glomus claroideum, Glomus etunicatum, Glomus clarum, Glomus sp., Glomus microaggregatum, Glomus intraradices, Glomus mosseae, Glomus geosporum, Colombian Entrophospora, humic acid, seaweed meal.


Use 5 grams of MYCOTREX for each cuttings or plant to transplant: 2 gr around the roots, and 3 gr mixed with soil. (1 gram = 1 teaspoon)

Mycotrex can be used on soil and coco, indoors or outdoors, in all kinds of flowers, vegetables, herbs, plants, trees and shrubs. 100% organic, store in a fresh and dry place.

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