Floraflex Nutrients V2

Floraflex Nutrients V2
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Floraflex Nutrients presents V2, a growth fertiliser formulated by Floraflex team. A product that offers the cultivator a quality, versatile and simple to use nutrient with all the necessary elements for our cannabis plants perfect development.

This fertiliser has been created using the best raw materials on the market, free of heavy metals and other contaminants in order to nourish our plants under the best conditions.

The product is in powder format thus facilitating its storage and transport, also resulting in a product that is easy to handle. This growth fertiliser must be complemented together with the Floraflex Nutrients V1 in order to offer all the necessary nutrition to reinforce a vigorous development.

This product has been designed in such a way that the grower can adjust, according to the interest and needs, the nutrition provided to the plants in each cultivation cycle stage. The different doses of the two nutrients V1 and V2 complement each other. These products are concentrated fertilisers, V1 with NPK 14-0-4, which is used together with V2 with NPK 6-17-25.

It is an optimal product for use in all cultivation system methods, particularly interesting as an excellent option in professional automatic irrigation systems such as Floraflex. This product is also very advantageous because it does not obstruct the irrigation drippers in any of its various systems.

FloraFlex Nutrients V2 info:

  • Concentrated fertiliser
  • Powder Formulated
  • Mix V1 with V2 in equal parts
  • NPK V2: 6-17-25
  • Dosage: 1-2g per 4 litres
  • Size: 0.46L

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