KIT PH Perfect Sensi Grand Master Grower

KIT PH Perfect Sensi Grand Master Grower
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Advanced Nutrients presents the pH Perfect Sensi Grand Master Grower Kit, the most complete set by this renowned fertiliser brand specialised in cannabis cultivation.

This kit contains all the compounds presented in the Grand Master Grower growing chart, for growers who want the plants to offer their best version and maximum expression.

A successful cultivation requires quality fertilisers and additives that provide the plants with everything they need to obtain the best possible results.

In this fertiliser kit the following products are included:

pH Perfect Sensi Grow A+B and pH Perfect Sensi Bloom A+B base fertilisers

The base fertilisers are of high quality, with a formulation that makes the nutrient solution's pH control very simple and efficient. The pH remains in an optimal range for the cannabis plants to optimally uptake the nutrients. It is a concentrated fertiliser with quality components, so the plants are nourished in an adequate and balanced way.

Additives: Microbial life, vitamins, carbohydrates, silicates and enzymes

In addition to NPK, plants benefit from additives that create an idyllic paradise in the root system, so they grow quickly and maintain the best possible conditions. They also prevent potential problems such as fungal attacks.

The additives and fertilisers included in this kit are Bud Candy, Piranha, Tarantula Voodoo Juice, B-52, Rhino Skin and Sensizym, certainly a first class additive combo.

Flowering enhancer

Advanced Nutrients, to facilitate the formation of flower clusters, introduces Bud Factor X, Bud Ignitor and Nirvana as the main precursors in bud development. These products greatly improve the productive capacity of cannabis plants.

Flowering boosters

Big Bud and Over Drive are two outstanding boosters by Advanced Nutrients. Both products contain PK among other components that provide a balanced nutrition according to the cultivation stage. Cannabis plants require different NPK amounts depending on the cultivation stage, and all the necessary boosters are available for the best results.

Flush or salt washer

Flawless Finish is the perfect product to remove the impurities that cause bad tasting flowers. Its use in the last flowering weeks before harvest ensures clean flowers unaffected by odours and flavours that spoil the original flavour of the cultivated varieties.

Advanced Nutrients Grand Master Grower Kit components:

  • PH Perfect Sensi Grow A+B 1L
  • PH Perfect Sensi Bloom A+B 1L
  • Bud Candy 1L
  • Piranha 500ml
  • Tarantula 500ml
  • Voodoo Juice 500ml
  • B-52 1L
  • Rhino Skin 1L
  • Bud Factor X
  • Bud Ignitor 250ml
  • Nirvana 1L
  • Big Bud 1L
  • Over Drive 250ml
  • Sensizym 1L
  • Flawless Finish 1L

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