pH Perfect Sensi Grow COCO A+B

pH Perfect Sensi Grow COCO A+B


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pH Perfect Sensi Grow Coco A + B are quality fertilisers created specifically for growing in coconut fibre, created using pH Perfect technology that greatly facilitates cannabis cultivation in coco, resulting in a vigour and quality like you've never seen before.

Fertilisers for cultivation in coco must be complete to avoid any nutritional problems throughout the plant's life. With pH Perfect Sensi Grow Coco, the grower can be sure to have fewer problems during cultivation because all the nutrients that make up the fertiliser have been carefully studied to ensure that the plant can absorb the maximum amount according to the life stage of the plant and so avoid nasty surprises with nutrient deficiencies or excesses.

pH Perfect Sensi Coco Grow A + B with automatic PH adjustment

It contains adequate levels of Calcium, Magnesium and Iron, using high quality chelates so that the plants can absorb them in the necessary amounts and avoid decompensation of these nutrients when the EC levels are increased during cultivation.

In addition to containing all the necessary nutrients, Advanced Nutrients has also worked to create a technology, pH Perfect®, that allows plants to take up all the fertliser that is provided and that these nutrients are 100% usable, which translates into healthy crops and abundant harvests.

pH Perfect Sensi Grow Coco A + B promotes the development of healthy and vigorous roots that colonise the entire substrate, enabling better feeding during the course of cultivation. It also provides a large quantity of macro and micro nutrients that ensure high quality results at all times.

In addition, this fertiliser contains humic acids, a natural chelate that helps in the absorption of nutrients and buffers the PH. We also found a wetting agent that helps the roots to absorb more nutrients, as well as multiple amino acid complexes so that the plants can ingest all the micronutrients they require during cultivation.

For the flowering phase you should use the pH Perfect® Sensi Bloom Coco A + B

Dosage and instructions for use of PH Perfect Coco Grow A + B

  • Cuttings and seedlings: 1ml per litre of water in each irrigation
  • Young plants (3-4 nodes): 2ml per litre of water in each irrigation
  • Full growth: 4ml per litre of water in each irrigation

Characteristics of pH Perfect Sensi Grow Coco A + B from Advanced Nutrients

  • Specific fertiliser for coconut
  • Mineral fertiliser
  • Automatic PH regulation
  • Two-part subscription

Composition part A

  • Nitrogen 4%
  • Phosphorus 0%
  • Potassium 0%
  • 3.5% Calcium
  • 0.7% Magnesium

Composition part B

  • 1% Nitrogen
  • 2% Phosphorus
  • 4% Potassium Oxide
  • 0.8% Sulfur

Eigenschaften von pH Perfect Sensi Grow COCO A+B

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