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Lebron Haze

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BSF Seeds seed bank presents here Lebron Haze, a cannabis feminised plant belonging to the Haze family. It is a cross between Elite Haze x Lemon Thai, it is one of the fastest and most powerful Sativas on the market.

Lebron Haze has a great vegetative vigorousness inherited from its ancestors, with a great stretching along the flowering stage, a characteristic to consider when cultivated indoors. It responds well to pruning so using SCROG technique is a good option to control its size, and to enhance an abundant bud yield with just few plants per m2.

Lebron Haze 85% Sativa dominance is expressed fully especially when cultivated outdoors. It produces plants with a vigorous development reaching a height of 2.5 to 3m. The size can be controlled by using the topping technique and continuous tip pruning, acquiring a well-branched structure with a large number of tips and a controllable height with a high bud production.

It adapts well to all growing substrates whether in soil, coconut, or hydroponic growing systems.

Lebron Haze, a fast-flowering Sativa

It has a very short flowering stage when indoors considering it is a Sativa with Haze and Thai traits. It is ready to harvest after about 55 to 60 days of flowering. It produces voluptuous and fleshy buds almost coated with resin, with an excellent bud yield of about 500 to 650g per m2. Outdoors the harvest is ready at mid-October with a high bud yield of up to 1200g per plant.

Lebron Haze produces a completelly Sativa effect, a high psychoactivity with a good dose of euphoria and creativity and leaving the mind cloudy, as it is expected from a good Haze plant. It is not the most suitable for those initiated in the cannabis consumption, it is certainly a variety to be in movement when consumed and do tasks that do not require of concentration.

Its organoleptic characteristics stand out for combining lemon and cedar aromas and flavours with an incense touch that offers a great bouquet, it is ideal for lovers of citric lemony varieties.

Lebron Haze has passed the BSF Draft and has been selected to be the undisputed holder, dethroning Super Lemon Haze.

BSF Seeds Lebron Haze info:

  • Type: feminised cannabis seed
  • Genetics: Elite Haze x Lemon Thai
  • 85/15 Sativa – Indica hybrid
  • Indoor flowering: 7 to 8 weeks
  • Outdoor harvest: Mid-October
  • Indoor yield: 500-650g per m2
  • Outdoor yield: 750-1200g per plant
  • THC: 22%
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