Malawi x Panama Fem

Malawi x Panama Fem
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Alchimia is happy to present Malawi x Panama, a 100% Sativa hybrid that brings together the two best and most highly-worked landrace Sativas in the ACE Seeds catalogue. A great choice for Sativa fans looking for big yields, great flavours and a powerful high. Available now as feminised cannabis seeds in our online grow shop.

Malawi x Panama - African and Central American landrace Sativa genetics 

This hybrid is dominated by the Malawi influence, known as one of the strongest pure Sativa varieties in the world, resulting in highly productive Sativa plants with large, dense and resinous flowers and the intensely potent and overwhelming effect of this African landrace variety. 

On the other side of the cross we have a spectacular landrace variety from Central America: Panama, famous for its soaring, positive and euphoric high, refined terpene profile and great yields. In this hybrid Panama contributes its distinctive creamy lemon and incense aromas and flavours, balancing with the heavier notes of the Malawi for an intensely enjoyable experience. 

Malawi x Panama - Combining the best pure Sativas in the ACE catalogue

This hybrid is relatively easy to cultivate, growing vigorously to a large/medium size with a branchy yet manageable structure that doesn't stretch excessively for a pure Sativa. It can be grown indoors with high light intensity and sufficient space, and performs very well outdoors, giving great results in climates with hot summers and mild autumn conditions and showing good resistance to all pests and pathogens. 

Malawi x Panama is highly suited to either SOG or SCROG cultivation styles, as it has a dominant main cola but also responds well to pruning and training techniques. ACE Seeds recommend switching plants to a flowering photoperiod just 15 days after germination to avoid running out of space indoors, and to supply moderate levels of nutrients throughout the growth period, but increasing the dosage during the flowering phase for best results. 

Indoors, Malawi x Panama will be ready to harvest after 11-12 weeks of flowering, and outdoors plants can be harvested around the end of October and the start of November, delivering very high yields of beautifully aromatic and resinous colas in all cases.

Malawi x Panama - a potent, productive and tasty Sativa landrace hybrid

The terpene profile of Malawi x Panama is dominated by the rich, resinous, woody, spicy and oily aromas of the Old Malawi Killer, with the lemon and incense notes of Panama offering a balanced and mouthwatering taste that will satisfy lovers of classic Sativa flavours. 

The high is very potent, with all the psychedelic power and overpowering effect of the Malawi, giving smokers a long-lasting, profound and intense cerebral and physical experience. Not recommended for occasional smokers or those with low tolerance to THC, with levels of this cannabinoid reaching as high as 26%!

ACE Seeds Malawi x Panama info:

  • Sex: Feminised seeds
  • Genetics: Old Malawi Killer x Panama
  • Genotype: 100% Sativa
  • Flowering indoors: 11-12 weeks
  • Harvest outdoors: late October/early November
  • Yield: Very high
  • Height: Medium-tall
  • THC: 21-26%
  • CBG: 1.1%

Wir erinnern unsere Kunden mit Wohnsitz in Frankreich daran, dass Cannabissamen, die nicht im Katalog der Europäischen Gemeinschaft aufgeführt sind, ausschließlich zur genetischen Erhaltung und Sammlung bestimmt sind und in keinem Fall für den Anbau bestimmt sind. Es ist strengstens verboten, sie auf französischem Gebiet keimen zu lassen, mit der Ausnahme der von der Europäischen Union zugelassenen Samen. Wir ermutigen unsere Kunden nicht, in irgendeiner Weise gegen das Gesetz zu verstoßen, und sind nicht für deren Verwendung verantwortlich.

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