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Mangobiche x Peyote Purple

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Alchimia presents Mangobiche X Peyote Purple from Cannabiogen, a feminized marijuana variety that combines the most popular features of the Indica and Sativa marijuana families in a balanced hybrid with amazing colors, long and positive effect, and a delicate floral and fruity perfume.

Breeder Kaiki from Cannabiogen combined two unique cannabis strains which are very representative of their families, to obtain a balanced and original hybrid. The mother of this crossing is a landrace genetics from Colombia - Mangobiche - which has a unique spicy and fruity aroma and a very long lasting effect, alternating euphoric phases with relaxing moments.

Due to its strong vegetative vigor and long flowering period, this strain will not be easy for beginners - specially indoors - as well as for outdoor crops in less favorable areas for growing marijuana. The contribution of theIndica genetics - Purple Peyote - tame the Colombian genes, shortening its flowering time while maintaining its main characteristics.

Mangobiche x Peyote Purple is ready to hjarvest in 12 to 14 weeks indoors, late October to mid-November outdoors. Its flowers may be variable in density, but they all have in common a unique look during flowering, with its purplish leafs covered with white resin.

The organoleptic properties of Peyote Purple X Mangobiche are pleasantly sweet, floral and fruity, faithful to the Colombian landrace but reinforced by the Peyote Purple variety . The effect is powerful, mentally relaxing, light and cheerful, and may last 3 or 4 hours. Most Sativa phenotypes can have a longer flowering period, and produce a more active effect.

Mangobiche x Peyote Purple - Cannabiogen features:

  • Genetics: Colombian Mangobiche x Peyote Purple
  • Indica-Sativa Proportion : 50% - 50%
  • Type: feminized
  • Production: Not Reported
  • Indoor Flowering: 12-14 weeks
  • Outdoor Flowering: Late October - mid November


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