Oídio Killer
Oídio Killer
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Oídio Killer

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Now in our catalogue at Alchimia Grow Shop, Oídio Killer by Agrobacterias, an organic fungicide formulated to prevent and combat our cannabis garden plants from fungal infections.

Oidium Killer, organic fungicide against Oidium and Botrytis

Its formulation is based mainly on the bacterium Bacillus Amyloquefaciens with a concentration of 109ufc/g and organic potassium, organic matter and amino acids.

This combination of elements ensures that pathogenic fungi such as Oidium, Botrytis or Gray Mold or other species do not settle in our cannabis garden, besides removing those if already are there.

It also stimulates the health and vigour of our plants, so they can better withstand the impact caused by fungal attacks and recover more quickly.

Oídio Killer reinforces the health and vitality of your plants

This reinforcement is secured by enhancing the plant resistance and its foliar cuticle (the waxy outer layer of the leave, the plant “skin”) which acts as a barrier against fungi attacks and other cannabis pests.

Dilute the product in water, 1.5-2.0 ml per litre, applying via foliar spraying thoroughly the leaves and all their corners, and repeating the treatment every 15 days.

To obtain the best results apply the product at the end of the day with little sunlight exposure and when the day is not rainy or windy.

Agrobacteria Oidium Killer info:

  • Volume: 60ml
  • Organic fungicide against Oidium, Botrytis and others pests
  • Combats and prevents fungus attacks
  • Strengthens plant health and increases resistance
  • Stimulates plant recovery and enhances vitality
  • Formulated with Bacillus Amyloquefaciens, organic potassium, amino acids and organic matter
  • Foliar dosage: 1.5-2.0 ml per litre every 15 days
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