Rocalba Coriander

Rocalba Coriander
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enEntschuldigung, Inhalt auf Englisch, wir übersetzen dieses. Produkt und bald werden Sie es in Ihrer Sprache haben. presents Rocalba Coriander Seeds, an aromatic plant that offers great results when cultivated in a pot on the balcony or in the vegetable garden.

Rocalba coriander seeds, an easy to cultivate aromatic plant

Coriander (Coriandrum sativum) is an annual herbaceous plant belonging to the Umbelliferae family (like parsley, celery and carrots). It is common in southern Europe, especially in regions with a Mediterranean climate. There are traces of it being cultivated in India more than 5000 years ago.

It is a plant easy to cultivate, not very demanding on nutrients or watering. It benefits from a loose substrate, with organic matter, compost, worm humus or manure to obtain the best results. It germinates in spring, in a seedbed or in direct sowing (ideally), since transplants are not beneficial to this plant.

In a planting frame of 30cm x 15cm, 2-3 seeds are placed at a depth of 1-2cm. By sowing after the frost season and a temperature of 12-30°C, the first sprouts emerge after 2-3 weeks. It is advisable to soak the seeds for 24 hours before sowing in order to activate them.

Rocalba coriander seeds, not too demanding in terms of watering and nutrients

When the plant is young it requires constant water in a controlled way. A drip or automatic irrigation system can facilitate this task. As soon as the plant reaches about 15cm, a weekly irrigation is adequate and it can benefit from a shading mesh if it is very hot and sunny.

Cultivated in ideal conditions, with good sunlight and a temperature not exceeding 30-32°C, it can easily reach 50cm. It can be picked after about 4-5 weeks from germination, when the plant has a good size and produces abundant large leaves.

At harvest, we cut a maximum of one third of the plant, so as not to exhaust it. The process can be repeated during the whole season. It is a plant that attracts many pollinating insects, thus it is very beneficial for our vegetable garden by helping to increase the yield of our fruits and vegetables.

Rocalba Coriander Seeds info:

  • 4g seeds sachet
  • Very simple to cultivate medicinal and nutritious plant
  • Up to 50cm high
  • Planting frame 35cm x 15cm
  • Germination: Spring
  • It can be harvested until autumn, by cutting a third of the plant
  • Ideal for use fresh or cooked
  • Undemanding in terms of irrigation and nutrients
  • Perfect for gardening or potting
  • Attracts pollinating insects

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