Wax Liquidizer Original
Wax Liquidizer Original
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Wax Liquidizer Original

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Wax liquid Liquidizer has been specially developed to dilute our wax or shatter cannabis concentrates, making them into an e-liquid, allowing us to vaporise them in an e-cigarette or any similar vaporiser. Now available in our online Headshop at AlchimiaWeb!

This neutral base liquid with no added flavour is designed to blend easily with high purity resin extracts like BHO or Rosin, quickly producing a homogeneous liquid that, once mixed, can be stored for more than 6 months without deterioration or separation.

It's really simple to use, we need only gently heat the Liquidizer in a water bath (double boiler or bain-marie) before adding our BHO or Rosin (concentrates such as hash which contain plant material, are not advised due to impurities which can impair the functioning of our E-Cig).

The manufacturer recommends diluting 1g of extract in 10ml of Wax Liquidizer, but we can raise this to 15ml for a lighter liquid, or 1g of oil to 5ml of Wax Liquidizer for maximum concentration.

Wax Liquidizer Original info:

  • Composition: Propylene Glycol (PG, PEG200, PEG400)
  • Dilute 1g in 10-15ml or up to max concentration of 1g in 5ml
    (beyond this the texture may not be compatible with atomisers)
  • Do not mix with any other E-liquids
  • Neutral flavor
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