Wax Liquidizer Strawberry Cough
Wax Liquidizer Strawberry Cough
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Wax Liquidizer Strawberry Cough

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Wax Liquidizer is now available in its Strawberry Cough version here at Alchimia, the ideal product for creating your own e-liquids from cannabis extracts like BHO or Rosin.

Wax Liquidizer is formulated with a base of Propylene Glycol and infused with a deliciously sweet strawberry flavour. It dissolves high purity cannabis extracts easily and quickly, making it possible to consume cannabinoids with complete discretion using an e-cigarette or any suitable vaporiser, like a regular e-liquid.

To prepare the e-liquid simply heat the Wax Liquidizer in a bain marie or double boiler at 60 degrees Celsius and add the BHO or Rosin, stirring to get an even consistency. It is possible to vary the proportions according to the intensity of effect we're looking for, however for a regular dosage add 1g of concentrate to 10ml of Wax Liquidizer.

Wax Liquidizer Strawberry Cough info:

  • Composition: Propylene Glycol (PG, PEG200, PEG400)
  • Dilute 1g in 10-15ml, and up to 1g in a minimum of 5ml
    (beyond this the texture may be incompatible with atomizers)
  • Do not mix with another E-liquid
  • Aroma: Strawberry
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