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OG Tea - Veganic Special Sauce 2Lbs

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Alchimiaweb presents the Veganic Special Sauce from OG Tea, a mix of benefitial bacteria, mycorrhyza and trichodermacombined with mineral and plant based elements to feed the microbial life of the substrate and thus of our cannabis plants.

It contains seaweed (Kelp), molasses and mineral phosphorous. This microorganism complex has been developed to gather all the benefitial bacteria and fungi in a single, easy to use product.

Dilute 1/2-1 teaspoon in 2 liters of water, mix and water the plants. After this first watering, the inoculation of bacteria begins and around 48 hours later the product is active. This highly benefitial products promotes healthier plants thanks to a stronger root system that enables better nutrient uptake.

Thus, plants have a more vigorous and and healthy growth, improved resistance against pathogens in the substrate, a more abundant bloom and a better essential oils production. You will harvest the most flavourful buds!

How to use Veganic Special Sauce

Dilute 1-2 teaspoons in 4 liters of water, mix thoroughly and apply through irrigation or via foliar. (filter the mix to avoid clogging).

Hydroponics : Prepare your nutrient solution with Special Sauce and filter it before use.

Use at least once a month. Can be used in every watering to maximize its effect on plants.

Can be used with young cuttings and seedlings without risk of overfeeding. Stop using Veganic Special Sauce 2 weeks before harvest.

Veganic Special Sauce from OG Tea contains:

  • 900gr sachet
  • Nitrogen: 0.75%
  • Water soluble Nitrogen: 0.75%
  • Assimilable Phosporous (P2O5): 2.15%
  • Soluble Potassium (K2O): 2.10%
  • Made from: Mineral Phosporous, molasses and seaweed (Kelp)
  • Contains 4 types of Bacillus, 2 of Paenibacillus, trichoderma harzianum, 4 types of Glomus, 4 of Rhizopogons and 2 of Scleroderma.

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