Harmony CBD Spray

Harmony CBD Spray
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Alchimiaweb.com presents Harmony CBD Spray, an organic olive oil with broad spectrum hemp extract rich in cannabidiol and natural terpenes, it is THC free.

Harmony CBD Spray, available in 3 flavours, pure, citric and menthol

This spray is designed to provide the most convenient and accurate possible CBD oil dosage, so the user knows exactly the exact amount of CBD oil is consumed in each application.

It is a much more practical and quicker method than the classic dripper. All you have to do is move the bottle to mix all the elements well. Aim at the mouth and press the bottle trigger to release a small dose of sprayed oil. Once in the mouth, the oil is absorbed very effectively.

The formula contains a base of organically grown olive oil and TCM coconut oil (medium chain triglyceride oil), which is beneficial to the body and easily assimilated. A Broad Spectrum hemp extract, i.e. all the natural terpenes and non-psychoactive cannabinoids present in the plant are diluted in this base.

Harmony CBD Spray, choice of 150mg, 500mg and 1500mg (1.5%, 5% and 15%)

Harmony has reliable producers who guarantee that hemp is totally pesticide and other potentially polluting chemicals free. Each bottle comes with a QR code where the product's purity analyses can be consulted, ensuring that it does not contain any undesirable elements or THC.

It is available in 3 versions: Natural, containing only hemp extracts and oils, with an organic hemp aroma; Citric, with the same ingredients as the Natural and orange and lemon essential oils; and Mint, same elements as the Natural and mint essential oil.

All are available in: 150mg (1% CBD - Mild / One dose 1mg CBD) - 500mg (3.3% CBD - Strong / One dose 3.3mg CBD) and 1500mg (10% CBD - Very Strong / One dose 10mg CBD). Various versions to suit all needs. The usual dosage is between 4-10mg per day, although it may be necessary to use more or less depending on the user.

Harmony CBD Spray info:

  • Oil spray with CBD and CBG
  • Organic olive oil, TCM oil and organic hemp extract pesticides free
  • Facilitates CBD dosage and absorption
  • Point to mouth, spray and hold for 60 seconds before swallowing
  • Available in three aromas: Natural, Citric and Mint
  • Available in 150mg, 500mg and 1500mg
  • 150mg, one press contains 1mg CBD
  • At 500mg, one press contains 3.3mg CBD
  • At 1500mg, one press contains 10mg CBD
  • 150mg CBD / 4mg CBG
  • 500mg CBD / 12mg CBG
  • 1500mg CBD / 36mg CBG
  • Recommended dose: 4-10mg per day
  • Bottle volume: 15ml

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