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Hyer Big-E quartz banger

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Now available in our catalogue at these quartz glass bangers for the Hyer Big-E portable E-nail, channelling the resin vapour from the heater to our glass pipe.

These quartz glass domes are available with a 14mm male or female gasket, making them compatible with most bubblers and bongs on the market either directly or via the Big-E's 18mm gasket adapter.

Hyer Big-E quartz banger, the best aroma in every vape

They are manufactured with a 90º angle to facilitate their use, allowing us a good nail view while we inhale the vapour.

In this way, we make sure to take full advantage of all cannabis resin, regulating the vapour flow easily with the carb cap.

To use them, we fit the male or female gasket with our glass bubbler male/female gasket, assembling the quartz nail into the heater, and placing the conjoint in the banger by its lower part to fix it with the O-rings.

When all elements are assembled, we switch on the Big-E and will take just 90" to heat up, then we can start vaporising the resin by placing it on the nail and inhaling.

Hyer Big-E quartz banger, resistant and easy to clean

For its maintenance, it is sufficient to clean it with isopropyl alcohol, rinsing it well with water and letting it dry before using it again.

If you are a heavy resin consumer and use the nail regularly, it is convenient to have more than one banger to be able to continue vaporising while the other is cleaning soaked in alcohol.

Another option is using cleaning wipes to remove resin residues after using it, preventing from forming thick clusters, and thus be able to clean it easily and effectively at any time.

Hyer Big-E Quartz Banger info:

  • Made of high-quality quartz glass
  • Joint 14mm
  • Male or female gasket to be chosen
  • Offers the best aroma with each vape
  • Angle at 90º to facilitate use
  • Easy to use and keep clean
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