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1400g Innervisions rye Mushbag

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enEntschuldigung, Inhalt auf Englisch, wir übersetzen dieses. Produkt und bald werden Sie es in Ihrer Sprache haben.

We are glad to present here the Innervisions Mushbag, a bag equipped with an air filter and an inoculation port. It contains sterilized rye, ideal to grow our magic mushrooms at home. It is now available at Alchimia Grow Shop catalogue.

Mushbag contains 1400g of sterilized rye

The bag contains 1400g of sterilized rye grain, ready to be inoculated with our favourite mushroom or truffle spores.

It is designed to obtain a good quantity of substrate colonised by mushroom mycelium, which we can then use to prepare our homemade mushroom cakes.

To begin our culture, we need a spore syringe (not included) that we shake really well for 5 - 10 seconds for even distribution of the spores.

Mushbag with sterilized rye, ready for a mushroom spores inoculation

Use the supplied alcohol wipe to disinfect the injection port. Heat the needle of the spore syringe until it is red hot. Then let it cool for 15-20 seconds. Carefully insert the needle through the rubber patch.

It is important to carry out this process in a quick and precise manner to avoid contamination. We must also be careful not to get burned or damage the bag.

Once the needle is injected, slowly empty the contents of the syringe, then remove it and cover the rubber inoculation port with the sticker provided.

Mushbag with rye substrate, ideal for spore incubation

Make sure that the air filter of the bag is open. Place the mushbag in a dark place with a temperature of about 26-28ºC to initiate spore incubation and the growth of mycelium for our mushroom cake.

After about 7 days, the white mycelium starts to grow and the bag will inflate a little. Shaking the bag now carefully breaking the large pieces of mycelium will accelerate growth.

After about 2-4 weeks, all the grain will be fully colonised, at which time we can prepare 3 mushroom cakes of 1200ml, for our self-cultivation.

Innervisions 1400g Mushbag sterilized rye info:

  • A bag containing sterilised rye
  • Content: 1400g
  • Bag with the injection port and air filter
  • Designed to inoculate spores and obtain mycelium
  • Once inoculated, place at 28ºC in a dark place for 2-4 weeks

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