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Alchimia presents the new Smono 5 vaporiser model, a reliable and affordable vaporiser for cannabis flower lovers. It is now available in our cannabis vaporisers’ catalogue.

It is a modern device that adopts a patented convection heating system. It is equipped with a colour display, precise temperature control, fast heating, a large ceramic filling chamber, and interchangeable batteries. It is also easy and quick to clean.

Smono 5, heating system

Smono 5 vaporiser offers a convection heating system, which maximises the herb flavour we consume. Unlike conduction heating systems, the raw material does not come into direct contact with the heating system, thus preserving better the terpenes properties. The convection system circulates hot air over the raw material in order to release the terpenes and preserve cannabis flavours and effects to the maximum.

The temperature is adjustable from 160º-240ºC according to individual preferences. Lower temperatures provide full flavour experience, while higher temperatures offer denser vapour clouds richer in active ingredients.

SMONO 5, herbal vaporiser

Smono 5 has a size that makes it easily portable around, although this model is slightly larger than its previous versions. Despite this it fits easily into a pocket or a small bag. It is equipped with a thick casing so the vaporiser does not get hot and is pleasant to hold in the hand.

Smono 5 enables the vaporisation of large quantities of herb thanks to a large ceramic filling chamber. It has a diameter of 14mm and a 15mm depth with a capacity of about 0.3g of herb, a larger volume than previous models.

Smono 5, vaporiser ease of use

One of the remarkable features of this vaporiser is its ease of use. Its large colour display indicates the vaporiser's heating status. This display also shows other essential information such as the current temperature, the set temperature, the session duration and the battery level.

This vaporiser is very easy to clean. Cleaning wipes and accessories to clean the tube are included with the device. The magnetic unit disassembles to allow access to all vaporiser parts, including the filling chamber, which can be cleaned with a small brush.

Smono 5 Vaporiser operation:

  • Fill the filling chamber with the herb to vaporise
  • Press 5 times in a row to turn on the vaporiser
  • Press any button to validate the vaporiser's operation
  • Adjust the temperature, if necessary by using the buttons
  • Check the temperature progress on the display until ready to vaporise
  • Press the button 5 times in a row to turn off the device

Smono 5 vaporiser box:

  • Smono 5 Vaporiser
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Cap
  • Storage bag
  • Screwdriver
  • Cleaning brush
  • 5x cleaning wipes
  • 5x tube cleaning accessory
  • User manual

Smono 5 Vaporiser info:

  • Size: 11.6cm x 4.5cm x 2.6cm
  • Weight: 188g
  • Heating system: Convection
  • Heating time: 30 seconds
  • Power source: 3000 mAh battery
  • Temperature range: 160ºC - 240ºC
  • Manufacturer's warranty: 2 years

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