Aptus Regulator 100 ml
Aptus Regulator 100 ml
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Aptus Regulator 100 ml

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Aptus Regulator is an ideal product intended for the growing of cannabis seeds and at every stages. It is a mixture of different trace elements that provide numerous advantages when growing marijuana indoors and outdoors.

Regulator works as a manager in the nutrition of marijuana plants also working as an anti stress so that we can always reap the best results.

Advantages and Composition Regulator

Stress such as excess heat or water stress can be largely avoided by making the plants more resistant.

  • Reduces perspiration by 30%
  • Regulates the water maintaining the plant
  • Maintains the green colour below 40degrees in greenhouses.

It strengthens the cell walls of plants making the leaves, stems and branches more resistant to attack by insects and disease. Significantly reduces the internodal distance of plants making them more compact and increases the production of the bud's tissues, increasing production.

It is a mixture of various trace elements which strengthen cell walls resulting in a thicker more robust stems and leaves and generally a stronger plant. It contains silicic acid and is responsible for regulating the disposal of the macro nutrients: NPK.

Recommendations and Tips for using Regulator

To use Regulator properly you must take into account the following points.

  • First add the Regulator in a clean container previously filled with water before mixing with other fertilizers, boosters, root complex, etc..
  • Regulator shortens the internode distance, so increasing the dose will reduce the height of the plant.
  • For crops in high temperatures of up to 40 º regulator maintains green leaves resulting in a quality harvest.
  • Regulator is responsible for controlling the moisture in the ground causing 30% less transpiration. The plant requires less water therein so makes it easier when it comes to drying and also increases the mass of plant matter.

Regulator - Application

Regulator is extremely concentrated (1:6666) Aptus recommend using this product with a dose of 15ml per 100L of water in order to obtain very visible results.

Regulator can be used in all stages of growth, both growth and flowering. It can also be used both indoors and when growing under artificial light, or outdoors, as well as greenhouses.

Regulator dosage

  • 1.5ml for 10 litres
  • 100ml for 660L

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