Rocalba Valerian

Rocalba Valerian
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enEntschuldigung, Inhalt auf Englisch, wir übersetzen dieses. Produkt und bald werden Sie es in Ihrer Sprache haben. presents Rocalba Valerian seeds, a highly scented aromatic and medicinal plant with a sedative effect. It provides good results both when cultivated in pots and directly in open ground.

Rocalba valerian, easy to grow in humid environments

Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) is an herbaceous perennial plant which belongs to the Valerianaceae family. It is native to Europe and some regions of Asia, especially in humid forest areas and on riverbanks.

This plant develops in a quite varied way, reaching heights of between 20 and 120cm maximum. It develops thin upright stems with few leaves and light pink flowers on the tips in corymbs. At the base is where most of the leaves develop, being pinnate and serrated and of an intense green colour.

The seeds are germinated in a seedbed from March, or in direct sowing from May using a substrate rich in worm humus or compost. A 50cm x 40cm planting frame and a temperature of 15-25ºC is recommended. They should be protected from frost and cold by soaking them for 12 hours in order to stimulate and accelerate germination. After 15-20 days the small plants begin to sprout.

Rocalba valerian, with an intense aroma and calming effect

The seeds should not be buried, simply pressed a little onto the substrate to settle down. They are then carefully watered so they do not dig too deep. 15-20 days after germination, the young plant can be transplanted in the garden or in the final pot.

Valerian is easy to cultivate, benefiting from loose and well-drained soils, with good moisture retention similar to a forest substrate. It does not tolerate drought well, requiring frequent watering if we live in hot or very sunny areas. It is sensitive to powdery mildew, aphids and caterpillars, although it can be treated against these pests using organic phytosanitary products.

The roots are the part of the plant used therapeutically, as they contain the highest concentration of active ingredients. The roots are harvested in autumn from the second year onwards. To harvest them, we should mow the plant a little and dig the soil to cut off a portion of the root. This root is then dried so it can be consumed in infusions or used to produce essential oils.

Rocalba Valerian info:

  • Sachet: 0.2g seeds
  • Good results in both open ground and pots
  • Germination: Spring
  • Planting frame: 50cm x 40cm
  • Up to 120cm
  • Cannot withstand drought
  • Prefers cool, humid and semi-shaded environments
  • Benefits from light, drained, nutrient-rich soil
  • Frequent and moderate irrigation
  • Harvest: roots from the second year onwards

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