Biobizz Microbes

Biobizz Microbes
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Alchimia presents Microbres by Biobizz, a product to add life to your substrate, containing non-mycorrhizal microorganisms. Now available in our catalogue of boosters for cannabis growing indoors and outdoors.

What is in Biobizz Microbes?

Biobizz Microbes is a product containing beneficial micro-organisms, enzymes and fungi that provide the best results during cannabis cultivation, from germination to growth and even during flowering.

This mixture of beneficial plant ingredients improves the flow and uptake of essential nutrients. A better nutrient uptake will lead to a better and more generous harvest, be it by resin concentration as well as terpenes.

Biobizz Microbes micro-organisms contribute a considerable benefit to the plants' rhizosphere, thus allowing for an increase in the surface area occupied by the roots. With an augmented root presence, the plants can thus more easily absorb various nutrients, in particular nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and micro-nutrients along the plant's lifecycle. In addition, Biobizz Microbes' micro-organisms provide large quantities of phytohormones such as indoleacetic acids and gibberellins.

Biobizz Microbes, bacteria, enzymes and trichoderma

BioBizz added 4 of the most beneficial bacteria for substrate renewal. These bacteria improve the plant nutrition process, increase hormones, root tissue growth and nutrient uptake, especially for phosphorus, which improves the yield and quality of the harvested product.

The enzymes present in Biobizz Microbres have an immediate effect to catalyse organic nutrients by creating free amino acids in the growing medium and enhancing the activity and effects of active micro-organisms. Enzymes help to unlock the protein chains supplied by the nutrients. Therefore, enzymes accelerate the microorganism colonisation process on the substrate. Also catalyse nutrients more quickly, which allows for faster absorption. Therefore, the use of enzymes with the supply of beneficial micronutrients clearly helps to create a healthy and productive ecosystem.

Anyone growing organically should add trichoderma during their cultivation, as it easily increases the production and quality of the harvested flowers. Trichoderms work in symbiosis with the plant roots, which increases the surface area occupied by the roots and improves water retention and absorption, which will again increase the yield and harvest quality.

Biobizz Microbes use

Biobizz Microbes can be used during the whole plant's life cycle, from germination to growth and flowering. It can be used in indoor or outdoor cultivation, with all growing systems, either with manual irrigation, with sprinkler systems or in hydroponic cultivation.

Guarantee analysis:

  • Trichoderma harzianum> 10,000,000 CFU / g
  • Bacillus valezensis> 500,000,000,000 CFU / g
  • Bacillus megaterium> 200,000,000,000 CFU / g
  • Bacillus pumilus> 250,000,000,000 CFU / g
  • Bacillus licheniformis> 500.000.000.000 CFU / g

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