Hyer Big-E portable E-Nail

Hyer Big-E portable E-Nail
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Alchimiaweb.com is happy to present Hyer Big-E, a portable electronic nail that fits virtually any glass bong or bubbler.

This innovative design makes you enjoy your cannabis extractions and concentrates wherever you are, comfortably and without the need for plugs.

Hyer Big-E, portable electronic nail with 2h of autonomy

Its dimensions are 15 x 14 x 5.7cm with a weigh of 1.3kg, it is protected by a resistant plastic casing. The bubbler clamp has a soft silicone finish inside.

It has 4 batteries 18500 of 3300mAh that provide a 48W maximum power, which results in about 25 sessions or 2h of continuous use, vaporising the resins obtained from our favourite cannabis varieties.

The led screen displays the temperature, with two buttons to set it and an on/off button.

The electronic Hyer Big-E Nail is quickly charged, thanks to the USB-C connection

In the left side there is the setting and clamp control, and a small drawer to store our resin.

On the back, there is the USB-C port with 18W to provide a quick charge, the heating element cable connector and the output USB port for you to charge small devices such as the mobile phone.

The heating element has a 30w power, and it is placed around an 11.8mm quartz crystal nail where we will place the Rosin or BHO cannabis resin to vaporise it.

Hyer Big-E, ready to vaporise in just 90 seconds

The nail is heated in 90 seconds, and keeps the heat stable and homogeneous throughout the session, obtaining dense and very aromatic puffs, and varying the vapour density by setting different temperatures.

Both the heating body and the quartz nail are fitted in a quartz bell, with a 14mm male or female gasket to choose. It also includes a 14 to 18mm adapter to fit to all types of glass bong or bubbler.

To use it, we place the bong on the Hyer Big-E, fixing it with the subjection clamps using the adjusting wheel on the side.

Hyer Big-E, simple to use and little maintenance

Then we place the bell in the bubbler, and then the heating body also in which is plugged to the base with the 30cm cable, and if necessary using the 15cm extender included.

Then turn on the device and set the desired temperature, waiting it to warm up.

When it vibrates warning it is ready, we can start our session placing the cannabis resin on the quartz nail and using the glass carburetor or a carb cap to regulate each puffs density.

Portable electronic nail Hyer Big-E info:

  • Dimensions: 15 x 14 x 5.7 cm
  • Weight: 1.3kg
  • 4x Batteries 18500 of 3300mAh
  • Autonomy of 2h or 25 sessions
  • 1x 30W heating element that heats up to 90".
  • 1x 30cm connection cable
  • 1x 15cm connection cable
  • 1x Quartz nail
  • 1x Bell female gasket 14mm
  • 1x Bell male gasket 14mm
  • 1x 14mm to 18mm bong adapter
  • 1x USB-C charging cable + 18W wall adapter

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