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Innervisions Dutch King Mexican spore syringe

enEntschuldigung, Inhalt auf Englisch, wir übersetzen dieses Produkt und bald werden Sie es in Ihrer Sprache haben. presents the spores of Psilocybe Cubensis Dutch King "Mexican", fully hydrated and prepared to inoculate the sterilized grain substrate or a "mushbag" like those included in our mushroom grow kits.

When these spores develop, we will get the mycelium needed to start our own domestic mushroom cultivation.

The variety Psilocybe Cubensis Dutch King comes from Mexico, but has been grown in the Netherlands so long that it has become a classic.

This mushroom gives very abundant and robust crops, adapting well to any type of substrate and supporting well the small variations of climate during its development.

Innervisions Dutch King "Mexican" spore syringe info:

  • 5ml spores
  • Genetics: Psilocybe Cubensis Dutch King "Mexican"
  • Ideal for inoculating sterilized grain or a "mushbag"
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  • To preserve the quality of the mycelium and prevent it from being affected by the inclement weather, we renew the loafs stock frequently, which can cause the shipping time to oscillate slightly. Thanks for your understanding.
  • Mycelium loaves and spores are exclusively for mycological, ethnobotanical or ornamental studies.
  • They are not intended for agricultural or food use.
  • Innervisions and Alchimia can not be held responsible for any illegal use that third parties may make of these products.

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