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Banana Cake

Banana Cake - Paisa Grow Seeds

Banana Cake by Paisa Grow Seeds seed bank is a cross between two powerful and flavoured varieties, Monkey Banana and Wedding Cake. This cookies family plant is in fact one of the strains creating more trends in the American market, based on its terpe [...]

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Cookies and Weed

Cookies and Weed - Paisa Grow Seeds

Cookies and Weed is an Indica coss developed by Paisa Grow Seeds between the famous GSC Thin Mint Cut and an OG Kush line. Now available in Alchimiaweb. The main goal of this cross was to improve the structure of the GSC while making it easier to gr [...]

  • 3 seeds 21.25€25.00€

Tangelato - Paisa Grow Seeds

Here at Alchimia we are happy to present Tangelato from Paisa Grow Seeds, an Indica Sativa hybrid characterized by its abundant resin production and its delicious terpene profile which combines citrus notes in a floral and sweet b [...]

  • 3 seeds 21.25€25.00€
Gorilla Scout

Gorilla Scout - Paisa Grow Seeds

Paisa Seeds present Gorilla Scout, a cannabis variety characterised by its heavy resin production, its high THC content and its complex and powerful aroma. Now available from Alchimia as feminised seeds. The Gorilla Scout was born from the encounter [...]

  • 3 semillas 21.25€25.00€
Gold Honey from Paisa Grow Seeds

Gold Honey from Paisa Grow Seeds - Paisa Grow Seeds

Discover this aromatic new strain, Gold Honey, a vigorous Sativa/Indica hybrid that combines the two most terpene-rich varieties in the Paisa Grow Seeds catalogue, now available as feminised seeds at The team of breeders at Paisa Se [...]

  • 3 seeds 21.25€25.00€
Monkey Banana by Paisa Grow Seeds

Monkey Banana by Paisa Grow Seeds - Paisa Grow Seeds

Monkey Banana is a feminised hybrid of two famously fruity varieties of US origin; Banana Kush X OG Banana. It's a mostly indica strain developed by Paisa Grow Seeds to create a plant with an intensely fruity aroma and a high THC content. Compact in [...]

  • 3 seeds 21.25€25.00€
Choco Cookies from Paisa Seeds

Choco Cookies from Paisa Seeds - Paisa Grow Seeds

Choco Cookies from Paisa Seeds is an exciting new hybrid created by crossing two exceptional cultivars, now available in Alchimia's feminised seed catalogue. The union of Girl Scout Cookies (Thin Mint cut) and the Super Choco male from Paisa Seeds h [...]

  • 3 seeds 21.25€25.00€
Old Amnesia

Old Amnesia - Paisa Grow Seeds

Paisa Grow Seeds invite you to discover their Old Amnesia strain, now available in Alchimiaweb's catalogue of feminised cannabis seeds. Old Amnesia is a hybrid between two different selections (2005 and 2008) of the legendary Amnesia, especially dev [...]

  • 3 seeds 14.70€21.00€
Soganjah CBD by Paisa Grow Seeds

Soganjah CBD by Paisa Grow Seeds - Paisa Grow Seeds

Discover Soganjah CBD from Paisa Grow Seeds, a new CBD-rich variety now available online in our feminised seed catalogue here at Alchimiaweb. The union between Somango and Paisa Seeds own CBD plant has given birth to the most Indica-dominant strain [...]

  • 3 seeds 17.85€21.00€
Kush And Cheese by Paisa Grow Seeds

Kush And Cheese by Paisa Grow Seeds - Paisa Grow Seeds

Paisa Grow Seeds proudly present Cheese And Kush, a cannabis strain born from the encounter between the famous Exodus Cheese elite clone and a plant from the Kush family, offering compact plants with fast and abundant flowering, giving off an aroma a [...]

  • 3 seeds 17.85€21.00€
Cayman Kush

Cayman Kush - Paisa Grow Seeds

As you may already know, the whole team at Paisa Grow Seeds are huge fans of Cookies genetics, and their new hybrid Cayman Kush is yet more proof of that. Available online now in the feminised seed catalogue at Alchimiaweb. This [...]

  • 3 seeds 21.25€25.00€
Gelato #33

Gelato #33 - Paisa Grow Seeds

Gelato #33 is one of the most interesting genetics creations of San Francisco's world famous Cookies Fam. Thanks to the work of Paisa Grow Seeds you can now find this variety as feminised seeds here at Alchimiaweb. Paisa Grow Seeds Gelato #33 i [...]

  • 3 seeds 21.25€25.00€
Original Tangie

Original Tangie - Paisa Grow Seeds

Here at we are delighted to present you Original Tangie from Paisa Grow Seeds, now in our feminised seeds catalogue. This is the work done by Paisa Grow Seeds on the famous Tangie of the Crocket Family Farm. Original Tangie is a [...]

  • 3 seeds 21.25€25.00€
Toro Blanco by Paisa Grow Seeds

Toro Blanco by Paisa Grow Seeds - Paisa Grow Seeds

Toro Blanco from Paisa Grow Seeds is a fast and productive feminised cross of two of the top-selling varieties from the last 15 years: Critical Mass and White Widow. A 60/40 sativa-indica hybrid suitable for gardeners of all levels of experience, To [...]

  • 3 seeds 17.85€21.00€
Original Cookies

Original Cookies - Paisa Grow Seeds

Paisa Grow Seeds invites you to discover Original Cookies, their S1 version of the elite clone-only Girl Scout Cookies (Thin Mint Cut), thus perfectly capturing the characteristics of this, among the most popular varieties in North American dispensar [...]

  • 3 seeds 15.00€25.00€
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