Polar Gelato by Sherbinskis

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Alchimia is happy to present Polar Gelato By Sherbinskis from Silent Seeds, a feminised hybrid strain with a 50/50 Indica Sativa genetics. It offers a strong potency with a frosty, biscuity and delicately floral dessert taste.

Polar Gelato by Sherbinskis, history and genetics

This variety was born from the collaboration between Silent Seeds and Mario Guzman aka Mr Sherbinski. This reputed breeder also works under the name Sherbinskis. He is the famous developer of strains such as Gelato, Pink Panties and Sunset Sherbert among many others.

This renowned Californian breeder has clearly made his mark as a cannabis artist in the last ten years. Like his colleagues and friends in the Cookie Family (no need to introduce the famous Girl Scout Cookies), he has presented hybrid strains that are still very popular. Strains with hybrid effects still little known at the time, where they perfectly combine the functional Sativa side with a solid Indica physical relaxation. A potency that makes High Stony last long after consumption thanks to its heavenly flowers.

Who wouldn't want to collaborate with someone so prominent and professional in the industry? Silent Seeds offered him a collaboration "Silent Seeds feat Sherbinskis" to get the best of the best in each genetics.

The encounter between Bacio Gelato (Gelato #41) and Sunset Sherbert, resulted in an authentic Gelato version in seed form. This provided the possibility to produce a cultivation that would reach the highest standards in the industry and be considered even higher on the "top shelf" of dispensaries for its qualities and impressive bag appeal.

Polar Gelato by Sherbinskis, cultivation

Polar Gelato grows vigorously, developing a well-branched structure with widely spaced internodes. It is a quite open plant with numerous long and wide leaves, a typical Gelato line characteristic.

This structure gives a high yield potential, which thanks to the use of optimisation techniques such as pinching or apex pruning, FIM pruning, LST, Supercropping, Lollipopping and defoliation can further enhance the performance.

These techniques are highly recommended and even necessary to obtain the best results. So, it is important to prepare well the growing stage using the right expertise. Polar Gelato does not pose any particular difficulties in cultivation, with a medium nutrient requirement.

It is also advisable to limit the vegetative period to about 3 weeks, in a modern US-style hybrid cultivation. In this way the plants develop a quite rounded and flat canopy, with more compact heads.

Trellising is also necessary during the second half of growth and up to the end of flowering. This prevents the branches from breaking under the weight of the buds.

Indoors this variety can produce a yield of up to 600g per m2 in 8-9 weeks of flowering. In outdoor cultivation, with a height that can reach up to 2.8m under proper cultivation conditions, it offers a yield of up to 1450-1600g per plant. The harvest is ready between late September and early October in the Northern Hemisphere.

Polar Gelato by Sherbinskis, THC level up to 30%, and CBD concentration less than 0.2%

It is not only the thick white layer of trichomes that gives it the term "polar", but also the THC level of 27-30% and CBD level of less than 0.2%, confers the power to this polar bear!

The effect comes quickly after a few puffs, leaving the consumer in a dense and harmonious feeling of happiness very pleasant and long lasting.

The effect on the physical side is very present, and most stoners will find it functional enough to consume during the day. Novices should try it with caution, as it can send the mind drifting like a psychedelic iceberg in the middle of a thaw.

These effects are accompanied by a delicious biscuit ice cream dessert flavour with complex floral notes. Aromas and flavours reminiscent of Italian hazelnut ice cream.

Silent Seeds Polar Gelato By Sherbinskis info:

  • Typo: Feminised cannabis seeds
  • Genetics: Bacio Gelato x Sunset Sherbert
  • Genotype: 50/50 Indica Sativa
  • Indoor flowering: 8-9 weeks
  • Outdoor harvest: Late September to early October
  • THC content: Very high (27%-30%)
  • Indoor yield: Very high (550-600g per m2)
  • Outdoor yield: Very high (1450-1600g per plant)

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