Autopot AirDome
Autopot AirDome
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Autopot AirDome

Now available for you in Alchimiaweb, the Autopot Airdomeaeration kit isdesigned to increase oxygenation of the roots, thus maximizing performance and absortion capacity.

Very simple to install, simply place it in the bottom of the pot, and cover it with soil mixed with coco, or a 50% mix of soil and perlite to enhance the formation of air pockets and prevent clumping, and finally connect it to an air pump .

At this point, simply turn on the pump during the day (or with the light on) to start releasing air into the substrate, increasing the amount of air around the root zone.

It is not recommended to use it with peat or heavy soils, which will crush the Airdome when moistened, limiting its effectiveness. We recommend an air temperature of 18-22 º C, since temperatures lower than 5º C or above 30 º C will damage the rootball .

Autopot Airdome features:

  • 1x Airdome
  • 1x 6mm connector
  • 4x blue tubes (bubble generators)
  • 1x 50cm transparent 6mm tube
  • 1x Installation Instructions
  • Compatible with soft and aerated substrates
  • Air pump not included
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