Oni Seed Co

Oni Seed Co

Oni Seed Co is an American seed bank, led by Harry Palms and Onidoodles, based in the state of California where many of the best and most world-famous cannabis strains come from and where Oni Seeds is no exception, bringing some excellent hybrids to the table.

The bank's maxim in its creation of new cannabis genetics is quality over any other characteristic. For this they carry out an excellent task of multiple selections of seeds and cuttings to choose the best genetic lines and thus always ensure excellent offspring in all their seeds, whether in regular or feminised format.

The plant structure, yield, quality, potency, taste and aroma are all characteristics that Oni Seeds take into account when create their new hybrids.

All strains have a high terpene content that ensures powerful aromas and flavors that are a delight on the palate.

They are experts in hashish extractions and have been able to demonstrate it in the Chalice 2017 cup in which they were awarded in 1st place in non-solvent extraction with highest terpene content and a 2nd place in the same cup with the same non-solvent extraction with of Strawberry Guava, a cross of Strawberry Banana x Papaya.

Its flagship variety is Tropicanna Cookies, selected by Harry Palms, which is a cross between GSC and Tangie, although the bank has a wide range of really interesting strains of the highest quality:

  • Tropicanna Punch = Tropicanna Cookies x Purple Punch
  • Dubb Breath = Motorbreath 15 x Sour Dubb
  • Cookies n Dubb = Cookies n Cream x Sour Dubb
  • Black Garlic = GMO x Sour Dubb
  • Tropsanto = GMO x Tropicanna Cookies
  • Poon Tang Pie (Tropicanna x Grape Pie) x Papaya
  • Sour Tropicanna = Sour Diesel V2 x Tropicanna Cookies

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