E-Nail Puffco Peak. Tutorial video

New Alchimia videotutorial in which we show you how to use the high quality, portable e-nail DAB rig Puffco Peak and its bubbler, with which you can enjoy your cannabis extracts and concentrates (Rosin, BHO…).

The Puffco Peak e-nail is made up of two parts: the body and the Bubbler, it’s powered by a battery, it has 4 temperature presets indicated by different coloured LED lights and it allows us to enjoy tasty and consistent vapor clouds.

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Transcript of Puffco Peak E-Nail video tutorial :

Today we’re going to see how to use this portable e-nail dab rig called Peak, from the Puffco brand.

We’re normally used to dabbing with a Bubbler and a blowtorch like this. Now we can put the torch aside and pick up this electronic nail, that we can take anywhere and is really practical.

This is the box for the Puffco, we open it and the first thing we see are the instructions in English, fairly simple, and we take out the protective case, which I love, made of a plastic foam material, I don’t know what to call it, but it’s very practical because it protects the Peak very well.

We see the body in the lower part, the bubbler at the top, we’re going to put them together which is very easy…  we simply place the glass inside the joint. We also have a dabber to put the extractions in the bowl, the "Carb Cap" to cover the bowl and in this upper part we have the power supply and charger. A cable with a micro USB, the power adapter, a replacement ceramic bowl and what I’ve dropped, which are 4 cotton buds, to soak with isopropyl alcohol and then clean the bowl.

The first thing we’ll need to do when we get the Peak from www.alchimiaweb.com to charge it, to optimise the battery. It’s easy to charge, simply take the supplied cable, a Micro USB which we plug into the slot and the USB to any appliance or a wall charger. Minimum 3 minutes.
By definition, this unit is a Water Pipe or Bubbler, with an electronic nail to take Dabs. We put the resin here, we vaporise and the vapor will pass through the water and go straight to our mouth and our lungs. Therefore, what we have to do is, first of all, fill it with water, and this water should preferably be mineral or distilled so we don’t get strange flavours into our vapor, okay?

What’s the water for? Well, it’s simple, as I said a moment ago, it cools the vapor so it’s a better temperature and more healthy for our lungs. The first thing we’re going to do is remove the protective plastic from the Bubbler, which, logically, is how it comes, and fill with water to more or less cover these two holes, where the vapor will pass through.

More or less… Once we’ve filled it, simply, on to the rubber joint, it fits onto the body and there we go. We switch the unit on by pushing the central button for 3 seconds until a color lights up, in this case blue.

To see the battery level we push the central button 3 times and by the colors we’ll know the state of the battery. If we get a green color, this means that the battery is fully charged, if it’s yellow then it’s halfway used and if we get red, then the battery is nearly discharged, meaning we’ll have to recharge it.

The Puffco has 4 temperature levels for vaping. The lowest is 232ºC and is indicated by a blue light. To change it, we simply press once and go up to green at 260ºC. Again, we go up to red, at 288ºC and if we press a 4th time we go to white light and 315ºC. By pressing once again, we begin the circuit again: blue, green, red and white.

Once the vaporisation temperature is selected, all we need to do is start the atomiser. How do we do that? Well, pressing the central button twice, we’ll feel the unit vibrate a little as it begins to heat up. We’ve heard the vibration, it gives a little flash and when it blinks quickly three times, it means the bowl is heated.

Meanwhile, I’ll get my resin, in this case it’s Rosin of Guava Berry Kush from Philosopher Seeds. I’ve put the Carb Cap on so the bowl will heat quicker and now it vibrates, we can begin to vaporise. Let’s go, I’ve 20 seconds…

Wow, what a flavour! If, after 20 seconds, I want to continue vaping, I press twice again and it keeps heating.

Well, that’s it guys, now you’ve seen how to use the Puffco. I’ll stay here dabbing… see you at www.alchimiaweb.com

See you later.

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