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Gavita, lighting systems for premium cultivation

Gavita is the world's largest specialist lighting manufacturer with more than 30 years of experience. They devote a major part of its activity to research, development, and innovation of new professional horticultural systems.

Gavita runs a lighting laboratory where all products are designed and intensively tested before they are launched on the market. Products always with the highest efficiency and a quality control adapted to the existing regulations.

Gavita supplies lighting equipment and accessories for cannabis cultivation. It also offers expert technical advice, carries out large-scale projects such as greenhouse installations (over 100,000 to date) and produces thousands of accessories. The company manufactures and assembles its own components, undergoes quality control, and distributes them across 5 continents.

Gavita, the standard in lighting for the cannabis industry

Gavita products have become the industry standard. They have been copied countless times but never surpassed. A company that is always up to date, its products are the most widely used by industry professionals around the world.

The company is well known for its 600w, 1000w, 1000w Double Ended systems, and the latest generation of LEDs. In addition, its control systems such as Gavita Master Controller that allow to simultaneously control an enormous number of units (up to 80) and even simulate sunrise and sunset.

Gavita products are now available in our catalogue at Alchimia.

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Gavita Pro Plus 600W 400V HPS bulb

45.90€ 57.40€

Gavita DE 1000W 750V HPS bulb

91.60€ 114.50€

Featured offers Gavita

Gavita CT 2000e LED 780w

1289.90€ 1329.80€

Gavita DE 1000W 750V HPS bulb

91.60€ 114.50€

Gavita Master Controller

From 329.25€ 387.40€

Led Gavita Pro 1700e 645w

1055.15€ 1087.80€


Led Gavita Pro 1700e 645w

Alchimia presents Pro 1700e LED by Gavita, the leading brand in lighting systems. It is a good alternative to the 1000w sodium lamp, offering a 645w low power consumption with a high efficiency and full light spectrum. It is now available in our ligh [...]

  • 1,087.80€ 1,055.15€

Gavita CT 2000e LED 780w

Alchimia presents Gavita CT 2000e LED, a 1000w equivalent system with 780w power consumption. It is 25% more efficient than a 1000w HPS sodium, offering a light spectrum as close to sunlight as possible. The CT 2000e is the replacement for convention [...]

  • 1,329.80€ 1,289.90€

Gavita RS1 (dimmer controller for led)

Alchimia presents RS1 by Gavita, a controller that regulates the light intensity in the LED Gavita CT 2000e and LED Gavita Pro 1700e. This easy to install equipment (plug and play) is now available in our catalogue at Alchimia. Gavita RS1, light int [...]

  • 90.00€ 81.00€

Gavita Master Controller

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Gavita Master Controller, a Gavita 6/750E DE FLEX lighting kit complement. This controller has been designed to maximise Gavita lighting system power, since it allows to control at the same time all the lamps in a simple [...]

  • EL 1 (one port)387.40€ 329.25€
  • EL 2 (two ports)481.80€ 409.50€

Gavita Pro 1000w DE

Gavita Pro 1000w DE is a HPS lighting system with a double-ended bulb that operates with a 400v ballast with more PAR. It makes the best use of the bulb light emission, producing the same energy consumption as a common 240v ballast. Gavita, professi [...]

  • 698.15€

Gavita 6/750E DE FLEX Lighting Kit

Alchimia Grow Shop presents Gavita Pro 6/750E DE FLEX, a lighting system with a compact design ideal for use in a 150x150cm indoor grow tent. This HPS lighting kit operates with a 750W HPS Double-Ended bulb, meeting the needs of growers looking for [...]

  • 499.00€

Gavita Pro 600e SE

Gavita Pro 600e SE is an electronic lighting unit controlled externally by the Gavita Master Controller, which can control several units at the same time. Gavita Pro 600e SE, controlled by Gavita Master Controller This controller enable not to have [...]

  • 540.47€

Gavita Pro 600 SE

Gavita pro 600 SE is a compact HPS lighting kit. It is an efficient high quality system operating at 400v. It increases the light provided to our cultivation up to 1150umol light PAR obtaining an excellent production and quality results compared to t [...]

  • 455.75€

Kit Gavita Pro Line E-Serie Pro 100W

Gavita lighting systems are now available at Now you can equip your garden with professional systems and obtain unparalleled results. Gavita, professional quality in your garden Gavita Pro Line E-Series lighting systems are enhance [...]

  • 723.98€

Gavita Pro Plus DE 1000W 400V HPS bulb presents Gavita Pro Plus 1000W 400V Double Ended lamp, designed to offer maximum energy and light efficiency. Gavita Pro Plus HPS 1000W 400V DE lamp, offering 2100 lumens This Gavita lamp has been designed to meet the professional c [...]

  • 99.00€ 94.05€

Gavita DE 1000W 750V HPS bulb presents Gavita 750W 400V Double Ended lamp, designed to ensure maximum energy efficiency in your Gavita 750W 400V DE HPS lamp, offering 1450 lumens These high quality Gavita lamps [...]

  • 114.50€ 91.60€

Gavita Pro Plus 600W 400V HPS bulb presents Gavita Pro Plus 600W 400V lamps, with an E40 screw thread designed to offer maximum energy and light efficiency. Gavita Pro Plus 600W 400V HPS lamp, efficient and professional This lamp has been designed to meet professiona [...]

  • (Out of stock)57.40€ 45.90€

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