Graspresso 20 T Graveda

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Alchimia presents the Graveda Graspresso 20T Rosin Press, a hydraulic press for making solventless cannabis concentrates using only heat and pressure, commonly called Rosin. Now available online in our resin extraction catalogue.

The Graveda Graspresso 20T press is ideal for cannabis growers who enjoy converting their harvest into rosin concentrates, to be consumed with a Bubbler, vaporiser, pipe or joint. Thanks to its hydraulic system and temperature control, the Graspresso 20T rosin press will be able to produce optimum yields during extractions. This press will get the most out of your flower harvest!

Graveda Graspresso 20T hydraulic rosin press: Quality and quantity

Graveda invites you to discover this hydraulic rosin press with a maximum pressure rating of 20 tons. Graveda started producing presses for Rosin in 2019 with entry-level models for personal use, this time they offer you a press for home use but with results worthy of professionals .

The 20-ton pressure is applied in a steady and uniform way thanks to a manually-pumped hydraulic cylinder. The plates have a working surface of 20cm x 7.5cm, ideal for preparing large quantities of extractions, it can therefore be adapted to professionals in the sector who work in seed banks or in social clubs, but also for individuals who appreciate Rosin cannabis extractions.

The 20T Rosin Graveda Graspesso press has a dual function touch screen, allowing full temperature control, and also of the duration of pressing. Once the set time has passed, the device will emit a small chime to warn that it is time to release the pressure. All the electronic components of the press are fitted within the robust stainless steel structure.

Features of the Graveda Graspresso 20T hydraulic rosin press:

  • Hydraulic press
  • Delivered assembled and ready for use
  • Weight: 46.7 kg
  • Size of the heating plates: 20cm x 7.5cm
  • Hydraulic cylinder 20 tons (maximum)
  • Actual result during testing: up to 17.8 tonnes
  • Temperature: 0-250ºC
  • Robust steel structure
  • Touch screen control

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