Sanlight EVO 100 Set, for 100x100cm growing spaces

Sanlight EVO 100 Set, for 100x100cm growing spaces
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Sanlight EVO 100 set (2 x Evo-3 190w) comprises two 190w LED lamps, suitable for use in a 100cm x 100cm grow tent or any space of that size. The kit includes everything necessary for quick and easy assembly and offers highly optimized light distribution, already available in the Alchimiaweb online grow shop.

Sanlight EVO 100 set, LED for 100x100cm grow cabinet

Sanlight EVO 100 Set has 2 x 190w LED fixtures (2 x Evo 3-100) adjustable in intensity for professional horticulture with a PPF of 520 µmol/s, suitable for spaces or tents of 100x100cm.

Sanlight EVO 100 has a full spectrum light designed to increase the production of buds with white and red LEDs from prestigious brands such as Osram and Wicop technology, patented by Seoul Semiconductor (they do not contain lead and silver frames, they are robust and highly efficienct).

Sanlight EVO 100 Set, high intensity LED with excellent design

The secondary optic of the LED offers protection and optimises the light output due to the design of its geometry, its distribution is incredibly homogeneous and with high intensity (PPFD). Its asymmetric secondary optic eliminates a large part of the photon transport losses and, in turn, guarantees correct protection of the LEDs from the environmental influences of the grow space, preventing the oxidation of its components. The easy cleaning of the optics ensures the equipment will work perfectly for years.

Sanlight Evo 100 Set, dimmable LED for super bud production

The EVO series models are designed to be regulated and are compatible with most greenhouse control systems (a magnetic or bluetooth dimmer can be adapted), thanks to this they do not wear out, unlike rotary potentiometers that can be damaged by the high humidity in the grow.

Sanlight Evo 100 Set uses waterproof connectors to provide total security in greenhouses and indoor crops. Thanks to the two 190w units, it is easy to exceed a gram/watt with this technology, providing a large amount of terpenes and essential oils in the final result, as its light spectrum is the closest thing to natural sunlight.

The EVO 3-100 set is supplied with everything necessary for quick installation in a 100x100cm cabinet or in a space with the same dimensions.

For optimal performance, the set needs to be installed at an angle of 11º, with a distance of 90 cm between the equipment and 30 cm from the walls of the cabinet.

Product on request and with 3 years warranty .

Sanlight EVO 100 Set (2 x Evo-3 190w) info:

  • 2 Evo 3-100 units (2x190w)
  • Recommended space: 100 x 100 cm
  • 2 x Sanlight M-Dimmers to regulate the intensity
  • PPFD: 520 µmol/s
  • With IP65 protection
  • 240v
  • Frequency (Hz) 50-60
  • Weight 4.1 kg per lamp
  • Dimensions: 818 x 291 x 116
  • 90,000 hours of use

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